August 24th, 2004


Plug In...Power Up...SWITCH ON! Those Mod-Pop mavericks THE INSOMNIACS offer up twelve hits of sticky sweet candy coated arsenic on their fourth full-length fuzz fueled fandango, the “SWITCHED ON!” LP/CD. Mr. Sinn & the Brothers Wojz divide by three and multiply by four the power pop formula perfected by such like minded hook huckers The Stems, The Shoes and The Fallouts and the sum is a shatteringly strong collection of pure fuzz pop perfection. Recorded by ex-Original Sin Dan McKinney in a series of sessions fueled by Sugar, Caffeine and cheap Beaujolais “SWITCHED ON!” finds THE INSOMNIACS tossing some new ingredients into their already tasty trademark hookified power pop pie --- a pinch of Eastern Pysch, a splash of fuzz bust stomp, a dab of big beat Balladry, a dose of ‘70’s swagger and a whole lotta sugar, baby, SUGAR! So, get ready to power up and “SWITCH ON!” with THE INSOMNIACS! VINYL LP EDITION LIMITED TO 1,000 COPIES. SLEEVE DESIGN BY BILL GRAPES/POP ART PRODUCTIONS

Here are some photos from the recording of Switched On!!



THE INSOMNIACS “Mary Ann Lightly” 7” ES7163

Those Mod-Pop mavens THE INSOMNIACS deliver two hot n’ nasty hits of fuzz drenched bliss on their “Maryanne Lightly” 7” Single, their first new spew in almost two years. Hooks, Harmonies, Heartaches and Headaches...Baby, this platter is oozin’ over with each and every one and these Power Mod muthas serve it all up with style and a smile. So, toss back a big black pint and find out where Maryanne’s been hiding! NOTE: Both tracks are exclusive to this single...SLEEVE DESIGN BY ART CHANTRY...LIMITED EDITION ES7163

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THE INSOMNIACS “Get Something Going!” LP/CD ES1272

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Exclusive shots of the INSOMNIACS in the studio recording their "Get Something Going" LP! Check 'em out here...

HERE are some photos from a live gig at the Court Tavern..


Forming in 1989 after the breakup of their previous band The Tea Club, The Insomniacs rehearsed and played several local showcases before releasing their debut 7","My Favorite Story" on Umbrella Records in 1991. Based on the favorable reviews worldwide and the overall reception that the 7" received, the Insomniacs headed back in the studio and released a follow-up 7","Time Ticks By" (also on Umbrella) in the Fall of 1992.

On the strength of their first 2 singles, Outer Limits Records in Berlin approached the band about recording a single as the label's premier release. Soon thereafter, Estrus Records (who were distributing the Umbrella and Outer Limits records), released a 6 song self-titled 10" EP (commonly known as 'the ghoul record'). In early 1994, the band traveled to Europe to commence a mini-tour of Germany and Amsterdam to promote the singles and 10". 1994 came to a close with Outer Limits rush-releasing the "Sylvia Gray" EP and an appearance in Athens, GA at the Beefstock extravaganza.

In the Fall of 1995, the band once again headed south for a mini-tour to promote their "Wake Up!" compilation on Estrus. Later in the year, The Insomniacs guested at the Estrus Records Midwest Invitationals in Chicago alongside The Monomen and other Estrus label mates. Finally, the band took part in NYC's Garage Rage Festival in December of that year.

In 1996, the band released a teaser 7" for their upcoming full-length, "Already Down". Taking a break from recording, the band played the Crap Out Festival in Las Vegas and a Caravan of Estrus Recording Stars tour of California. While recording and mixing were finished later in the year, the band's full-length "Out Of It"'s release was delayed by the great Estrus warehouse fire. The record was finally released in March of 1997. Once again, the band followed the scent of barbecue pork and headed south to Atlanta for Fuzzfest '97. In the fall of that year, the band continued their festival motif with appearances at Leon, Spain's Purple Weekend, NYC'S Cavestomp Festival, Bellingham, WA's Garage Shock, and took part in the Monomen's farewell shows in Chicago.

In 1998, they did a mini-tour of the Midwest on their own. In November of 1998, the band released a new 7" on Estrus, "Guilt Free". At the start of 1999, the band returned to Spain for a week long tour and another trip to Bellingham for Garage Shock '99.

In the summer of 1999, The Insomniacs began recording tracks for "Get Something Going!", the follow up to "Out Of It". Recording and mixing was finally finished in early winter of 2000. That summer, the band traveled to Sin City to guest at the fabulous "Las Vegas Grind."

"Get Something Going!" was released on September 5th, 2000, on Estrus Records. Another Midwest tour followed in support of the new record, culminating in appearance at Little Steven's Cavestomp Concert Series in New York City. The band headed back into the studios in the Spring of 2002 to record the "Maryanne Lightly" single, the first new Insomniacs product in nearly two years.

June of 2002 had the boys heading north to Montreal, Canada for a slot at the "Dance to Keep From Crying" Mod Allnighter rally.


My Favorite Story b/w Sunshine Girl and Nothing Is Real, 7" e.p., Umbrella Records, 9/91
Time Ticks By c/w The World Disappears, 7" single, Umbrella Records, 11/92
Going Out of My Mind b/w I've Got Mine and Grey, 7" e.p., Outer Limits Records, 12/93
The Insomniacs six-song 10" e.p., Estrus Records, 3/94
Sylvia Gray b/w Feel, Feel, Feel and Gaby, 7" e.p., Outer Limits Records, 12/94
Wake Up!, CD, Estrus Records, 3/95
Sounds of the Estrus Invitationals Mid-West Division, 7" e.p., Estrus Records, 11/95 (one live track)
Already Down c/w Jump and Dance, 7" single, Estrus Records, 4/96
Live at Brownie's, CD, Feralette Records, 5/96 (one live track)
Out of It, Lp/Cd, Estrus Records, 3/97.
Fuzzfest '97 promotional only 7" single, 5/97 (one track-"Let Me, Take Me").
Estrus Fireshock Benefit Compilation, CD, Man's Ruin Records, 10/97 (one track-"You Can Be My Baby").
Guilt Free 7" 4/99 Estrus Records
Cavestomp '97 compilation, Cd, Cavestomp Records, 11/99 (one track-"Already Down" (Live)).
Get Something Going!, Lp/Cd, Estrus Records, 9/00.
Mary Ann Lightly 7" Estrus Records 07/02.
"Playing Favourites" CD compilation (1 track-"Ye Fayre Heir"), Illustrious Artists, 1/04.
"Bout My Love" 7" , Slovenly Records 8/04.
"Switched On!" CD/LP, Estrus Records, 8/04.

The Insomniacs are:
Michael: drums, vocals.
David: bass guitar, vocals.
Robert: guitar, vocals.


Estrus Records
PO Box 2125
Bellingham, WA 98227