The words of Big Daddy Soul as taken from the teachings of Jack O'Fire's lesson plan.

Bring Me The Head of Jon Spencer
Jack O'Fire is not just a bourgeois band in the traditional sense of the word, it's more than that. It is a living contemporary history at the grass roots level. It is something to be studied and grasped and saved for future generations to listen, learn and understand. Jack O'Fire is on a mission to educate, liberate, and inspire the young masses by the only means necessary...Rhythm & Blues.

Jack O'Fire is brining the words and music of our founding fathers, Chester Burnet, Marion Walter Jacobs and Blind Willie McTell (to name a few) front and center, to the forefront so to speak. Jack O'Fire's teachings also encompass lessons taught by erlier movements that were set up to educate the then so called Cats & Kittens with the same sprit, attitude, and fervor that this New Breed or Young Lions Conspiracy as later historians will label this new generation. All this is done that the young cat or riot grrrl will seek a strong foundation for the next plan of attack.

The actual band members or players on this particular board of education are there only to act as a sort of mirror. A reflection of a past and present future that asks only:

What are you doing to participate?

Big Daddy Soul

Clothes Make The Man
In your hands is a very small portion of the teachings of two Young Lions Conspiracy founding fathers. Marion Walter Jacobs and Chester Burnet - better known as Little Walter and Howling Wolf respectively, have been locked in the grip of shuffle addicted boneheads who claim "they" represent the blues. Jack O'Fire deliver the true teachings to the new Ulyssian cat or young riot grrrl to use in their daily exercises.

Did you know for example that as Little Walter's harp sound was appropriated by hundreds of the mindless masses and so-called blues traditionalists, Walter laid in an unmarked grave for 24 years. These blues traditionalists marked his grave and tradition neither literally nor philosophically by carrying onthe real meaning of his music. They knew not where he died or how he lived - that is, how he played his music, what he thought. They know his music only through a pale or misinformed tradition without the true knowledge and respect of the man and his teaching. The Young Lions Conspiracy knows that true knowledge has the power to set one free and through the tool of Jack O'Fire this true knowledge and freedom will be delivered.

As for Howlin' Wolf, his songs have been wrecked by generations of so called guitar heros until his swamp vibe was virtually unrecognizable. The so called blues traditionalist has lost the true teachings of the founding father only to mistake his particular interpretation of the truth for the truth. Generations later the true teachings are lost only to be replaced by more recent past knowledge.

Jack O'Fire puts the moonshine moan back into its 10-W40 Blues. They understand and know their responsiblility as the tool and voice of the Young Lions Conspiracy.

Pass me a can of leaded gasoline. I got a thirst only Jack O'Fire can quench.

Big Daddy Soul

Six Supper Shock Soul Songs
What Is Your Definition Of Soul Music?

An important and intresting question was brought up at the last Jack O'Fire lecture: "Why do white people think they can play the blues?!"

This infers that you have to be a certain color to have emotion or soul...OR, more directaly, have to be the appropriate color for an appropriate style of emotion or expression. The person asking this question already had made up his mind what the answer was thus locking the door to any true knowledge. He or she will be forever left behind with this, dare we say, racist type of thinking.

Emotion & spirit, joy & sorrow, Triumph and loss are all life feelings that do not attach any sort of color code on themselves...they just are. The Young Lions Conspiracy teachings stress the importance of indulging oneself in life. To have a full life is to indulge yourself in all the types of expression and feelings that you might be offered.

Keeping your emotions in constant check or worrying about proper etiquette is purely squaresville. The future is upon us, and if we continue with our above queries and same old tired opinions, we will be doomed to never leave that stale instutution.

Jack O'Fire is not pretending to be black, or taking advantage of a situation. If we were, we wouldn't be listing the authors of the lessons we present. We hope that someone who is struck by a particular lesson will go straight to the source and study what the origional author has to teach. We also hope that YOUR intelligence reveals that Emotion & Sprit & Expression (music being a product) has nothing to do with one's particular color!

Big Daddy Soul

Hot Rod Songs For The Soul Riot
Goals and Guidelines JACK O'FIRE

A large portion of these notes is taken from the Bring Back The Soul handbook of the YOUNG LIONS CONSPYRACY. Jack O'Fire are charter members and full supporters of the teachings>

a. On the matter of conduct and attire---

There is one, and only one, rule for the conduct and attire of a follower. You are responsible, and will be held responsible, for what you choose to do as far as personal habits and attire at all times. Choose a code (or no code) of conduct and dress that fits you, apply The Big Three, then wear it well.

b. On the main point of philosophy---

Life should be a self expression excursion, and self expression at all times must have The Big Three: Integrity, Soul, and Attitude. We do not tolerate souless expression. (as a side note, so there will be no misunderstandings, this has nothing to do with the right to life movement. We do not tolerate their ignorance, and fully support the right of choice.)

c. On reviewing lessons (the covering of songs)---

So much was missed or misinterpreted the first time around, that it seems unimportant to add to a heritage that appears in most cases to be so misunderstood. If we start with lesson and review, maybe the true meaning will not be lost this time around.

d. On the meaning of the letters I.S.A.---

I.S.A. stands for Integrity, Soul, and Attitude, to which The Big Three as it is sometimes referred. These are key traits found throughout the teachings, from before the beginning of The Big Bang Soul Explosion to the added chapters of The Conspiracy today and tomorrow. By using The Big Three as a guideline for ongoing research, it gives us (Jack O'Fire and the Young Lions Conspiracy) a larger, broader menu to work from. The bone head zombie traditionalist has narrowed his view to such an extent that there is no room for the true teachings to shine through and be clearly recognized.

e. On the meaning of The Big Bang Soul Explosion---

The late fifties through the early sixties, know to us here as the The Big Bang Soul Explosion, was an explosion of heart felt expression. Heavy doses of I.S.A. are found in jazz, rockabilly, country, blues, ska, hillbilly, rock & roll, soul and rhythm & blues throughout that period, only to be taken over by the so called "xerox clones." Another bomb was droped and set off around the late seventies to early eighties once again to be overthrown by "Mr. Xerox."

f. On the main objective of Jack O'Fire---

Jack O'Fire would like to educate; to spark and intrest in the future flag bearers through a strong and rich history that is found in the teachings of The Young Lions Conspiracy. We hope that one will go straight to the source after hearing one of our lessons. If in your revolution you do not fully understand the past, you will blindly go down the trodden path takenby so many of those before you. Instead of the same old tired circles, we hope to move forward...Stepping into tommorrow, with both feet on the ground.

Big Daddy Soul

Destruction of Squaresville
The Bop, The Combo!
Jack O'Fire...Class is now in session.

There they were! What was perceived as a leader was a husky, drooping, curley-haired, pursy mouthed, harp/sax/vocal man, large of shoulders, ageless, lean, loose blowing, modern and free, cool in his sports shirt, without undershirt, self indulgent, sneering! How that cool leader picked up his self proclaimed horn and frowned in it and blew cool and complex and was stamping his feet to catch ideas and ducked to miss others saying WAIL! "wail" very intently when others took solos.

But wait, was he the true leader? Your attention was constantly cornered and questioned for the load of each lesson seemed equally distrubuted among the four teachers. Was anyone really leading or were they so locked in on the bop, so far gone, that having a leader, the thought of such a thing was completely absurd and the only thing of importance in this go man go, wail wail...WAIL!, was the lesson itself...the word, the truth.

That beautiful sound.

The realization of the lesson that we are all students, children of the great soul innovators.

When, where, and what time is the next class?!

Big Daddy Soul

I'm younger than that now
They asked me to write down the question I would ask of entering students. I gave them Three questions:

1) Have you had a good musical, emotional or physical inner soul orgasm?

2) Have you ever been really hurt, physically or emotioanlly?

3)Are you willing to participate for what you believe no matter what the costs?

You aren't ready to learn without these three things. Think about the kind of revolution you want to live and work in. What do you need to know to start that revolution. Demand that your teachers teach you that.

Little John

(One of the many teachers of the Young Lions Conspiracy)

Big Daddy Soul

Soul Music 101: Chapters 1-3
The Show Doesn't Start Till the Band Gets There...

Mr. Suit is so busy packaging, tying up neatly with a bow and label, that the thought of the majority at the show (front-line guerrillas in the war against the same old tired soulless bullshit), being that the show as opposed to the few(entertainers that are duped by Mr. Suit into thinking that they are speaking for the masses instead of (TRUTH), just a voice in the masses), is not comprehendable.

You...your mission... is not to be duped into playing their game! You have a responsibility as well as to the entertainer to not be duped. If you don't like what is being presented to you...let them know! Bullhorns are a nice tool. Don't just shrug your sholders and go to the bar or go outside to talk with friends. Get involved! Confront the so-called entertainment if you are not entertained and entertain yourself! By confronting what's in front of you and by questioning their values they will in turn question their value.

I Young Lion

I refuse to play your game cause all your choices are the same
Voices with no heart or soul show half the picture, never whole
I will fight, I will be strong I'll so my lessons learn the songs
Turn you ideas right back on you and you won't even have a clue
I will stay one step behind on step ahead confuse your mind
Over under sideways round
I young Lion will push you down.

-James Wilson, age 14
Young Lions Conspiracy

I do not feel like a cool, swinging, alternative/nation participant- I am eaten up inside by and intensity you (mr. suit) cannot name!

-Mary Albqertson, age 23
Young Lions Conspiracy

Wherever you want ot go (whatever your goals), wverything revolves around profit and private property. These are their premises, their guidelines, and you can not and should not question the logic...the logic is consistent BUT-
There's a passion for soulful meaning, for the true spirit that's been squelched for what seems many lifetimes. People are dying for soul, spirit. Me?...I'm dying.

Big Daddy Soul

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