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Program Notes

June 1995
This is the mini page of Satan's Pilgrims. In here we have a growing discography, a poem, some cover art and that is about it. Soon to appear (when I get the damn scanner fixed [still]) photos and fun. Got some tour dates? Or some monstrous gossip? Then by all means, lets air their dirty laundry on the internet!

Dec. 1995
OK, so on my Turkeyday Trip home to Seattle I managed to buy a bunch of records including Soul Pilgrim. In addition I was blessed with the opportunity to see them at the Weathered Wall and found out that Ted has was going to probably be on line some time soon (Hell, it took me long enough to update this he probably is already). So maybe I'll get more info from the folks who know.

Mar. 1996
Like most of the music press- I was caught with my virtual pants down. Our Team Pilgrim was at South by Southwest shakin' their thang with The Minstrels (Vancouver BC), Huevos Rancheros (Calgary AB), The Mermen (San Francisco CA), and Teisco Del Rey (Austin TX). This took place at Scholz Garden on March 14th. Sorry about that, I slept when the sleeper should have woke up. It was reported that they rocked with all their might and fun was had by all. Some friends returning from New Orleans stopped in on the festivities on the recollection that I had some of their records. They say it was just what the doctor ordered before returning to the dirtiest town you'll ever love: Albuquerque.

A phone call last night revealed several new developments. Satan's Pilgrims will release a 10" on the Dutch label Vulcan (if I can read my chicken scratch here) and a single on K Records. These should be hitting the scene in a couple of months. Also a tour is in the works for June. Ted is going to mail some stuff so stay bookmarked for more specific information latter!

Apr. 1996
Hey look, an on line interview: here!

June 1996
As per the wired eMpTy records guy:

>will be going up soon and we'll hook a link up to yours. Also wanted 
>to mention a new Pilgrims release you didn't list. Out this July is a 
>Satan's Pilgrims split 7" with Del Laguna (Gas Huffers) both doing 
>Wailer's covers.        Later -Blake
Sounds great. Maybe I can cop some more graphics and jazz up this place. A note from the web-ed: this will rock as Del Laguna is also a force to be reckoned with.

June 1996
Oh, man. Here it is. The US Tour schedule for June and July. Look for em in a town near you.

Pilgrims US Tour

5th - Hefe's, Eureka, CA
6th - Killowat, San Fran
7th - Spaceland, Silverlake, CA
8th - Huntington Beach Library
9th - Casbah, San Deigo
10th - Hollywood Alley, Phoenix
11th - Time Out, Alburquerque
12th - off
13th - Amer. Legion, Dell City, OK
14th - off
15th - Replay Lounge, Lawrence, KS
16th - off
17th - Green Onion, San Antonio, TX
18th - ARGO, Denton, TX
19th - Emo's, TX
20th - Barristers, Memphis, TN
21st - BLT's, Atlanta, GA
22nd - 40 Watt, Athens, GA
23rd - Clyde's, Columbia, SC
24th - Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC
25th - off
26th - 15 Minutes, WA, DC
27th - Memory Lane, Baltimore, MD
28th - Brownies, NY, NY
29th - Nicks, Philadelphia, PA
30th - Middle East, Boston, Mass

1st - Elvis Room, Portsmouth, NH
2nd - Luciano's, Pittsburg, PA
3rd - Speakin Tounges, Cleveland, OH
4th - eMpTy Bottle, Chicago, Il
5th - 1st Ave/ 7th St, Minneapolis, MN
6th - Cicero's, St Louis, MO
7th - off
8th - off
9th - Zebra Below, Bozeman, MT
10th - Bohemian Records, Billings, MT
11th - Neurolux, Boise, ID
12th - Crocidile, Seattle, WA
13th - TBA, Bellingham, WA 

The Discography has now moved to Page 2! Wow. Just say "Super Size It!"

June 1996
Saw the show last night. Very nice indeed. Though I wish Albuquerque would cease starting their shows so damn late. Had a nice conversation with ted and john. Apparently Phonenix is a big show for them, but they've never been to the east coast so we'll see how that shapes up for them. Go and check 'em out. Fun for the whole family, even if they do get flack for the name...

A Poem:

'Twas the night before morning
and all was a'creep
Five Pilgrims were a drinkin'
and deprivin' of sleep

These four monster cuts
they etched into stone
Inspired by fear
and the fright of their home

So turn up the volume
and worship the shock
and raise your glass to

From the self same 7"

But wait! Who are we talking about? The young jokers responsible for this "music":
Portland, OR's very own: dave, bobby, john, scott, and ted e. pilgrim

This page is kept by colanut, so send me any corrections, gripes, and/or poorly dubbed comp. tapes. PS. I'm not in any way related to the band, so chances are you know more than me...
Posted: June 12, 1996

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Note: Pilgrims are wired!