Estrus History

Dave Crider, Mono Men guit-guy, started Estrus a few years back as a part-time enterprise-it's since grown into a monster, and what is included on this site are the results to date. Dave's penchant for nifty packaging, colored wax, and revved-up teen guitar abandon have since become trademarks. Sure, there are a few clunkers in here, but what label has a perfect release record? In an age of visionless, look-alike record labels, Estrus really stnds out from the pack-regardless if you dig the releases, you've got to al least respect Dave and his bands for doing exactly what they want (and isn't that what all this indie bullshit is about?). What follows is a complete discography of Estrus, from the first Roofdogs cassette tape to the latest release. I hope you find this information both informative and interesting. (reprinted from Scat Records Quarterly Spring 1992)

Cassette Tapes

ES1: ROOFDOGS Pound Bound CS (12/87, out of print)
The Roofdogs are basically the Mono Men doing all instrumentals with the addition of a keyboard player. 5 of the 6 tracks on the posthumous Crust 7" release were culled from this, and all told there were 13 or 14 songs on it, including 2 improvised live tracks. Dave can't believe he put it out. 300 of 'em were made, first 100 or so came in a doggie bag with a biscuit.

7" Releases

ES71: MONO MEN "Burning Bush" b/w "Ratfink" 7" (8/89...out of print)
This is the one that got the old ball rolling. Dave recently remixed the A side in mono (the plant went out of business and lost his parts), and may repress it at some point. The quick fade at the end of the B-side is because another track followed "Ratfink" medley-style on the original recording. The song it goes into may be included on a repress. Who knows, but I'm sure you can still find a copy in a store somewhere if you're willing to hunt. First pressing: 1000 gold w/black labels; second & third:2000 black w/gold labels.

ES72: STUMPY JOE "Daydreams" b/w "Basket Case" 7" (1/90...out of print)
There was supposed to be another release with the band, but apparently a manager of some sort got in the way. Later on, the band released a single ("Love Pumbin") and an LP (One Way Rocket to Kicksville) on Pop Llama. First Pressing 1000 red (500 w/white promo label, 25 w.white promo sleeve); second pressing: 1000 black.

ES73: GAME FOR VULTURES "Goin' my way" b/w "I need You" & "Surfin' Bellingham Bay" 7"EP (5/90...reissued 11/94. Inscriptions: A: "Somkin'"/B: ditto)
This band/single features now Mono Men ace Mort. First pressing: 1000 "sperm-infested" wax; second pressing: 1000 black.

ES74: MONO MEN "I don't care" b/w "Jezebel" 7" (5/90...out of print. Inscriptions: A: "Where's Josie?"/B: ditto)
A slower bang-on-the-skull, but as much impact as their debut. The A-side showed up later on the Stop Draggin' Me Down LP. This one gets confusing...all the following pressed simultaneously: 500 purple w/purple and gold sleeve, 500 green w/black and gold sleeve, 500 black w/white promo label, 250 black w/alternate 3 color sleeve, 25 black w/rejected first mastering attempt, 1225 black w/black and gold sleeve.

ES75: MARBLE ORCHARD "Something Happens" b/w "Ever Think About Me?" 7" (7/90)
Definitely the most overlooked/underappreciated release on the label. Great songs, plenty of rocking, what more do you need? The plant goofed on this one and pressed all pressing: 2750 gray marble, 200 of which were signed for crust club members, does that get your dick hard? Recently repressed!

ES79 (Crust #1): MUMMIES "Out of Our Tree" b/w "Tall Cool One" 7" (1/91...out of print)
The record that introduced these teen terrors to most. The original idea for the Crust series was that each cover would be a spoof, though later on some of the bands weren't turned on by the idea and lately it's been an off and on proposition-this one mimics The Fabulous Wailers LP and both the tracks are actually Wailers covers. 1300 black, 200 red.

ES710: V/A Tales from Estrus 7"EP (2/91...out of print)
The sleeve on this opened into a comic (you know, Tales From the Crypt?) and had a similar cover layout as the comic. Featured within were Night Kings (a must have song), Marble Orchard, Ultra 5, and the Mummies. 1750 black, 250 red.

ES711 (Crust #3): PRISONSHAKE Spoo 7"EP (4/91...out of print. Inscription: A: "We've done this many, many times"/B: "Don't fuck with Foghat")
The reason the matrix number is out of sequence is because the band took so long to record it. If you slept through 1991 you might not know that the cover apes Sonic Youth's Goo, though it was originally going to be called Poo. The vinly was supposed to look like someone jerked off in it, but it really didn't come off. 1500 black, 500 "spoo."

ES712 (Crust #2): V/A On the Rocks 7"EP (3/91...out of print)
Outtakes from the 3 Estrus mainstays up to that point: Mono Men, Game for Vultures, and Marble Orchard. Cover mimics the Bob Thompson LP of the same name. 1600 black, 400 gold.

ES713 (Crust #4): PHANTOM SURFERS Orbitron 7"EP (6/91...out of print. reissued 10/95 as ES713R with new sleeve art. Inscription: A: "Uncle Mike's got a woodie"/B: ditto)
Front cover apes the Ventures' Surfin' LP; the back apes Let's Go-the Ventures again. 1150 black, 350 red.

ES714 (crust #5): ROOFDOGS Havin' A Rave Up 7"EP (6/91...out of print. Inscription: A: "Ledge + Reggie Wedgie are feelin' kinda Edgy"/B: "Pitty pat, here comes Josie Cat")
Pre Mono Men all instro bliss. 5 of these 6 tracks came from the earlier cassette. Sleeve is a take on the yardbirds LP of the same name. 250 burgundy, 500 black.

ES718 (Crust #8): MONO MEN Booze 7"EP (7/91...out of print)
Cove apes the Sonics' Boom LP. First 70 or so on miscellaneous colors, next 330 on green, remaining 2600 on black.

ES719 (Crust #6): MORTALS Disintegration 7"EP (7/91...out of print. Inscription: A: "We just wanna be free..."/B: " to ride")
The sleeve apes the Art Blakey LP of the same name. The sleeve is incorrect on this one-1500 were actually made, 400 of which were on blue wax.

ES720 (Crust #7): ROCKET SCIENTISTS "Pithe Helmet" b/w "I Don't Care" 7" (7/91. Inscriptions: A:"Gotta have my..."/B:"...big ol' candy bar")
Amazing Coop sleeve. 400 green, 1100 black.

ES721 (Crust #11): WOGGLES "I Got Your NUMBER" b/w "SEE the Cheetah at the Hang Out" & "I'm Gonna Make You Mine" 7"EP (2/92...out of print)
Cover apes the Standells' Try It. 500 red, 1500 black.

ES722 (Crust #9): HEUVOS RANCHEROS Rocket to Nowhere 7"EP (12/91...out of print)
500 purple, 500 burgundy (distributed in Canada only), 1000 black.

ES723 (Crust #10): FALLOUTS "Don't Want the Sun" b/w "Another Fad" & "She's out There" 7"EP (12/91...out of print)
You've got to be a real utz not to realize how great these guys are. 500 blue, 1000 black.

ES724 (Crust #12): GORIES "Baby Say Unugh" b/w "Great Big Idol with a Golden Head" 7" (2/92...out of print)
Originally recorded for the now-defunct Aroma label. 500 clear, 1500 black.

ES725: The M-80's "Seeing Things" 7"EP (4/92)

ES726: Thee Headcoats "My Dear Watson" 7" (7/92...out of print)

ES727: V/A: Tales From Estrus Vol. 2 7"EP (1/93...out of print)

ES728: Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet Dog & Squeegie 7"EP (7/92...out of print)

ES728: Cheater Slicks "84 Ford 79" 7" (10/92)

ES733: Gravel "As for Tomorrow" 7" (7/92)

ES734: The Mortals "Come and Get It" 7" (7/92...out of print)

ES735: The Brood "I'll Come Again" 7" (10/92...out of print)

ES736: Marble Orchard "It's My Time" 7" (1/93)

ES737: Jackie and The Cedrics Thunder Struck! 7"EP (1/93...reissued 3/96)

ES738: Lust-O-Rama Dark Side 7"EP (3/93...out of print)

ES739: Untamed Youth Sophiscated Internatonal Playboys" 7" (3/93...out of print)

ES740: The A-Bones "Louie Go Home" 7" (6/93...out of print)

ES741: Go To Blazes Got It Made 7"EP (9/93)

ES742: The Beguiled Black Gloves 7"EP (6/93)

ES743: Jack o' Fire Clothes Make The Man 7"(9/93...out of print)

ES744: The Makers Here Comes Trouble 7"EP (11/93...out of print)
This is their debut Estrus release. "I Can't Stand It" b/w "The Mantis"/"Nobody Gonna Break My Soul." This 7" unleashed them upon the unsuspecting public.

ES745: The Waste Kings "Garden of My Mind" 7" (11/93...out of print)

ES746: The Cowslingers "Hog Tied" 7" (1/94)

ES747: The Swinging Neckbreakers "Workin' & Jerkin'" 7" (1/94...out of print)

ES748: The Apemen "El Tortua" 7" (6/94)
Two instro-blowouts from the kings of Simian Surf!

ES749: Teengenerate "Sex Cow" 7" (4/94...out of print)

ES750: The 5,6,7,8's "I Walk Like Jane Mansfield" 7" (4/94...out of print)

ES751: Man or Astroman? Astro-Launch 7"EP (6/94)

ES752: Mono Men "Mystery Girl" 7" (6/94)
Non LP instro on the flip...sinful full color sleeve

ES753: The Go-Nuts Flight Of... 7" (10/94)
Lo-Fi superhero food music from this "stuper-group."

ES754: The Nomads "I'm Out of It" 7" (6/94...out of print)

ES755: Jack o'Fire Punkin 7"EP (10/94...out of print)

ES756: Oblivians Blow Their Cool 7"EP (10/94...out of print)

ES757: The Inhalants "Alright, Hit It!" 7" (10/94)

ES758: Satans Pilgrims Haunted House of Rock 7" (10/94)
4-song all-instro surf n' sleeze scarefest!

ES759: Los Marauders "Wild Women" 7" (1/95...out of print)
Four trashy chop bustin' ass-stompers!

ES760: The Del Lagunas "Time Tunnel" 7" (1/95)
Greendland's #1 surfin' instro combo strikes!

ES764: The Monarchs Heads Up 7" (5/95)
Primal trash from the "Rulers of the Retard Rock World"

ES765: Man or Astroman? Inside the Head of Mr. Atom 7"EP (1/95)
High-voltage finger in the socket all-instro bliss...Recorded by Mr. Steve Albini deep in the heart of Chicago's under belly!

ES766: The Tiki Men The Good Life 7"EP (4/95)
4-song, all instro surfin' trash shakedown...pure lo-fi menace!

ES767: Mad 3 "The Space Legend" 7" (4/95...out of print)
A megaton blast of all instro Tokyo trash!

ES768: The Hentchmen Two-Tone Belair 7"EP (4/95...out of print)

ES769: Man or Astro-Man? World Out of Mind 7"EP w/die cut sleeve (5/95...out of print)

ES770: Sugar Shack "Don't Mean Shit to Me" 7" (9/95)

ES771: Famous Monsters ...are GO! 7"EP (9/95)
4 bloodcurdling blasts of Sleeze-O-Phonic geetar madness!

ES772: Deke Dickerson "Asphalt Aisle" 7" (11/95)

ES773: Poison 13 Ain't Superstitious 2x7" w/gatefold sleeve (10/95...out of print)

ES 774: Supersnazz, I Gotta Go Now 7"(1/96)
I Gotta Go Now
I Am A Cliche

ES775: Lord High Fixers "Take Me Home" 7" (9/95)

ES776: The Brentwoods "You Broke My Heart" 7" (9/95)

ES777: The 1-4-5's, Planetary Annihilation 7"
Another 1-4-5s Theme
Tell Me Now!
Crush Rush
Armagavin' Destroy!
Volvo Hatchback
Space Vampire

ES778: Invisible Men Hunt You Down 7"EP (10/95)

ES779: The Makers Music to Suffer By 7"EP (11/95)

ES780: The Volcanos "Deora" 7" (1/96)

ES781: The Fells, What I Got 7"

ES782: Mono Men "Another Way" 7" (3/96)

ES783: Man Or Astroman?, The Sounds Of Tomorrow 7"
The Evil Sounds Of Planet Spectra
The Wayward Meteor
Green-Blooded Love
The Powerful Fully-Transisitorized Dick Tracy Two-Way Wrist Radio

ES784: Tales From Estrus Volume Three 7"
The Drags "Baby Your So Repulsive"
Impala "Squad Car"
Lord High Fixers "Mystery Train"
The Makers "Out Of My Mind"

ES785: The Insomniacs "Already Down" 7" (3/96)

ES786: Madame X 7"

ES787: King Sound Quartet, Annihilate This Week 7"
Annihilate This Week
Memphis Train

Es788: Mono Men "Cross Alley Stomp" 7" EP

ES789: Girl Trouble, The Track 7"
The Track
Scorpio 9

ES790: The Galaxy Trio "Sheriff Boy-R-Dee" 7"

ES791: The Galaxy Trio "Cocktails with Galaxy Girl" 7"

ES792: The Satans, Satan's Surf 7"
Satan's Surf
Surf Rat

ES793: Impala "Play R&B Favorites" 7" EP

ES794: Gas Money "Two Women" 7"

ES795: Death Valley "Have Rocket, Will Travel" 7" EP

ES796: Southern Culture On The Skids, Santo Swings 2x7"
Viva Del Santo!
Camel Walk
Double Shot
Scratch My Back

ES71001: The Makers "Tear Your World Apart" 2X7"/CD

ES7104: The Nomads "Pack of Lies" 7"

ES7105: Dee Rangers "This is Not the Modern World" 7" EP

Estrus Promo Singles

MN71: Mono Men "Here's How" 7" (4/92...out of print)

ES94017: The Mummies "Hi Heel Sneakers" 7" (8/92...out of print)

ESP4: The Phantom Surfers Play Bass with... 7" (10/92...out of print)

ESP5: Gravel "Not Alive" 7" (1/93...out of print)

ESP6: Supercharger "Don't Mess Me Up" 7" (1/93...out of print)

ESP7: Man or Astroman? Amazing Thrills in 3-D 7"EP (6/93...out of print)
This was the giveaway single for their first release. Only 400 of these were made. 200 went to the band, and 200 were given away to the first 200 people to order the record direct from Estrus.

ESP8: The Makers "Just Might Crack" 7" (11/ only...out of print)

ESP9: The Trashwomen 3-Birds 7"EP (1/94...out of print)

ESP10: The Makers "Good Guys" 7" (2/94...out of print)

ESP3233 Sensational Sounds Of The 1995 Estrus Invitationals EP 7" (11/95...out of print)
The Drags
Lord High Fixers
The Monomen " WRECKER! (live at Skagit's Speedway)"

Reissued Singles

ES701R: Monomen, Burning Bush 7"
originally released as ES 71
Young Fresh Fellow Scott McCaughey appears on Don't Tread On Me
Burning Bush
Rat Fink
Don't Tread On Me (Not on the original release)

ES703R: Game For Vultures, Goin' My Way E.P.
originally released as ES 73
Goin' My Way
I Need You
Surfin' Bellingham

ES713R: Phantom Surfers, Orbitron E.P. (different sleeve)
originally released as ES 713
Banzai Washout
Aye, Five Gold
Surf Rider

ES737R: Jackie And The Cedrics, Thunderstruck! E.P.
originally released as ES 737
Made In Japan
Red Baron
Little Coupe

ES93017R: The Mummies "Get Late" 7" (10/95)

ES45001: Mummies, That Girl 7"
originally released as The Mummies EP 7", Pre-B.S. 001, 1990
That Girl
Test Drive
I'm Bigger Than You
Dirty Robber

ES45002: Mummies, Food, Sickles, And Girls 7"
originally released as Food, Sickles, And Girls 7", Pre-B.S. 002, 1990
Food, Sickles, And Girls
One By One

10" Releases

ES101: Mono Men SHUT-UP! 10"/CD (6/93)
A collection of eight loud n' raw all instro blowouts...a potent coctail of pounding drums and gear-meshing guitars with no vocals to get between you and the aural excitement! 10" version features a snazzy "adults-only" jacket.

ES102: Jack O' Fire 6 super Shock Soul Songs 10" (10/93)
Lesson #3 from the official spokesmen of The Young Lion's Conspiracy and it's a 6-songpunk/blues powerhouse! A continuation of the band's mission ta put the pure 10-W40 back into the blues.

ES103: The Insomniacs 10"EP (3/94)
Vinyl-only! A combination of the best '60's British Mod & late '70's Power-Pop...sorta a cross between The Easybeats and The Shoes!

ES104: The Galaxy Trio Saucers Over Vegas 10"/CD (10/94)
Eight dark powerful instros hot outta the harem and ready for a brawl...sorta like a warped melding of the Wipers and Dick Dale! Recorded direct to 2-track.

ES105: The Makers The Devils Nine Questions 10"/CD (10/94)
Explosive all-instro blow to the head from these debonair NW hoods of ill-repute! A raw and primitive lo-fi assault to the senses!

ES106: Impala Kings of the Strip 10"/CD (1/95)
Eight shots of raunchy, sax-driven all-instro bliss from Memphis' masters of the twang that swangs! A steamin' stack of shit-hot R&B/Hot Rod sleaze that's sure ta please!

ES107: The Galaxy Trio In the Harem 10"/CD (5/95)
The Sultans of Stomp invite you to join them for a spicy twist of all-instro bliss in the form of eight down n' dirty dune shiftin' shutdowns fueled by the excitement and ecstasy of the court...and cold Schmidt beer!

ES108: Mono Men Live at Tom's Strip-N-Bowl 10"/CD (6/95)
10-song, 10-inch turbojet recorded live, loud and brazen at the one and only Savidge Lanes Bowling Alley & Lounge! Vinyl version features a deluxe die-cut "peep-show" cover designed by Mr. Art Chantry!

ES109: The Statics Pinball Junkies 10"-only (9/95)
Six slash and burn slopfests of pure stat-o-phonic shock therapy from White Centers' lo-fi champions.

ES110: The Drags Dragsploitation...Now! 10"/CD (10/95)
Eight raw and uncensored trash rawk rave-ups. A twisted mind shattering assault so pervasive it's been banned in three states. Not for the squeamish.


ES112: Nomads Raw and Rare 10"/CD

ES113: Lord High Fixers Once Upon A Time 10"/CD

ES114: Mad 3 "Napalm in the Morning" 10" EP

Full-Length Releases

PLES0024: V/A Here Ain't the Sonics LP/CD (12/89, a co-release wit Pop Llama. Inscriptions: A: "Wailers Rule!" B: "Yo Buck!")
Probably one of the few tribute albums ever released that was any good. Lineup was Nomads, Girl Trouble, Mono Men, Original Sins, Game for Vultures, Screaming Trees, Surf Trio, Thee Headcoats (their first US release!), Cynics, Young Fresh Fellows, Pippi Eats Cherries (Ward Dotson & some other folks), Marshmellow Overcoat, Mojo Nixon, Fallouts (Crider had to buy them some bus tickets to record it!), and the Kings of Rock. Some tracks on both formats. First 100 LP's on green wax, anybody's guess as to how many more were made.

ES121/ESCD1 MONO MEN Stop Draggin' Me Down LP/CS/CD (6/90: CD 1/91)
The first four or five songs on this are about as much rock as you can pack into ten minutes. "Gold" CD has 3 extra tracks ("Pete's Pango" from the Puget Power Act 1 7"EP comp, "Daylight" from the On the Rocks 7"EP comp, and "Burning Bush" from their first single). 3000 petroleum slabs were made, the first 500 on gold vinyl.

ESCD2: MARBLE ORCHARD Savage Sleep CD (10/91)
The first Estrus CD-only release (as per by the band). First 2000 have handmade sleeves (note the color variations).

ES007: The Brood Vendetta! LP/CD (2/92)
The ragin' 16-song follow-up to their 1988 debut release from this Portland ME based feline foursome. Touted as America's best all-girl garage band Vendetta! is sure to establish these gals as one of the coolest bands around.

ES123: Mono Men WRECKER! LP/CD (6/92)
another slab of drunken nitro-burnin' mantras about chicks, cars, and booze! This hunkof wax is total full-throttle devistation from start to finish...this ain't no wimpin'!

ES94015: The Mummies Play Their Own Records LP (8/92)
Full-length debut from the wrapped wonders of punk rawk! A collection of the band's first five singles and three previously unreleased cuts...mastered from the band's personal singles. Lo-Fi genius!

ES124: The Mortals Ritual Dimension of Sound LP/CD (9/92)
Tweleve full on doses of pure rawk and roll power! This is the band's debut album and is chockful of loud twisted guitars...great "Dennyesque" cover by Art Chantry and Chris Cooper!

ES125 The Phantom Surfers Play Songs From The Big Screen Spectaculars LP (10/92)
A reverb drenched jaunt thru the celluloid underbelly with the masked marvels of the West Coast Go! Sound acting as audio ushers. 14 instro blow-cuts packed onto one smokin' slab...amazing pre-worn jacket design by Art Chantry Esq.

ES126: Gravel Break A Bone LP/CD (1/93)
Debut LP chockful o' drivin' no bull-shit rock n' roll from these Anacortes, WA boys! Great songs...loud guitars.

ES127: Supercharger Goes Way Out! LP (1/93)
A raw punk rawk ride that don't let up! Anybody dumb enough to spew the thought that real rawk is dead ain't heard these guys and gal spit out their Ramones meets DMZ brand of lo-fi trash! You need this record!

ES128: The Fall-Outs Here I Come & Other Hits LP/CD (4/93)
17 song collection of the band's hard to find single and compilation cuts as well as eight preiously unreleased tracks! Short fast punk rock at its best.

ES129: Man or Astro-Man? Is It...Man or Astro-Man? LP/CD (6/93)
All-instro science gone mad mixture of surf trash, spy themes, and snazzy cocktail lounge mating call music all bashed together and spit out as a lethal dose of over the top extra terrestrial RayGun Rock. LP has two bonus cuts.

ES1210: The Woggles TEENDANCEPARTY! LP/CD (9/93)
14 hip swingin' backwoods boogie monsters from The Professor and the boys! TEENDANCEPARTY! continues The Woggles' blazin' streak of fire & brimstone rock n' roll on their debut full-length release.

ES1211: Gravel No Stone Unturned LP/CD (9/93)
More patented tractor pull power riffs from these Stone City boys! Dark, melodic and rough around the edges.

ES1212: The Makers HOWL! LP/CD (2/94)
Debut full-length slab from shitsville's troubadors of trash! This sucker packs in 16 songs of pure no holds barred lo-fi J.D.-Rock mayhem!

ESD1213: Jack O' Fire The Destruction of Squaresville CD (2/94)
A compact Disk collection of Jack O' Fires' punk/blues vinyl onslaught! 15 tracks of pure Texan soul!

ES1214: The Trashwomen Spent the Night With..." LP (LP 1/94: CD 1/96)
Tweleve reverb drenched blasts that come on like hemi-powered longboard, recorded in ultra glorious ultra lo-fi mono!

ES1215: Man or Astro-Man? Destroy All Astro-Men! LP/CD (4/94)
23 cuts (21 on CD) from the bans's veritable black hole of 7" singles as well as several unreleased tracks!

ES1216: The Mortals Bulletproof LP/CD (3/94)
Follow-up to their 1992 debut delivers another dose of Bill Grapes' full-bore guitar explosives on tweleve suave new tracks recorded shaken, not stirred in Sin City, OH!

ES1217: The Woggles The Zontar Sessions LP/CD (6/94)
12" collects cuts from the band's first four singles onto one big platter. 15 killer cuts on the vinyl and 14 on the CD!

ES1218: Mono Men Sin & Tonic LP/CD (7/94)
Tweleve booze fueled doses of heavy handed "no-brow" rock, delivered loud and cuttin' edge crap here, just more of that patented no-BS guitar charged Mono Men attack! LP version packed in an alternate deluxe jacket.

ES1219: The Insomniacs Wake-Up! CD (1/95)
Tweleve-song swingfest that collects most of these New Jersey cats output recorded to date! A ragin', fuzz-infested garage/pop shakedown!

ES1220: The Makers All Night Riot! LP/CD (1/95)
Those bad seeds gone badder return with their toughest slab yet...16 trashy slices of lo-fi "rumble rock" guaranteed to shimmy-shake the pants right offa ya!

ES1221: Man or Astro-Man? Project Infinity LP/CD (6/95)
Go beyond the relms of your own mind and enter Project Infinity where time and Space exist only between the recorded grooves...a 15 song all-instro saucer attack! LP features a bonus cut.

ES1222: Teengenerate Smash Hits! LP/CD (9/95)
15 doses of revved-up and raw punk fury from Japan's undisputed garage/punk overlords! The best of the best culled from their 7" singles ans EPs.

ES1223: The Untamed Youth Live On The Fabulous Las Vegas Strip LP/CD (4/95)
20 song blowout recorded live from the front row center table of the fabulous El Morocco Lounge on the one and only Las Vegas strip! Alla yer Untamed Youth faves plus some previously unreleased gems as well...Hot Damn!

ES1224: Impala Square Jungle LP/CD (2/96)

ES1225: The Inhalants LP/CD (11/95)

ES1226: Satan's Pilgrims Soul Pilgrim LP/CD (10/95)
Wax up those bikinis, grab a bucket o' ribs and get set for a non-stop all-instro bar-b-que beach party, beer bust blow-out with these triple guitar driven surf twangsters! Go, Daddy, Go!

ES1227: The Makers LP/CD (1/96)
Explosive punk-spew from the kings of J.D. trash-rock. An unrelenting shock-rock masterpiece...recorded by Tim Kerr.

ES1228: The Mortals Last Time Around LP/CD

ES1229: The 1-4-5's Rock Invasion LP/CD

ES1230: The Volcanos Surfquake! LP/CD

ES1231: The Untamed Youth Planet Mace LP/CD

ES1232: The Makers Hunger LP/CD

ES1233: The Insomniacs Out of it LP/CD

ES1235: The Splash Four Kicks in Style LP/CD

ES1236: The Crown Royals LP/CD



ESBX1 (ES76/ES77/ES78): V/A The Estrus Lunch Bucket 3x7" box-set (10/90...out of print)
12 band garage sampler spread out over 3 singles-the box was made up to simulate a lunch box and included trading cards, etc. Bands featured were: Brood, The Falling Spikes, Fallouts, Game for Vultures, Gas Huffer, Girl Trouble, Marble Orchard, Mono Men, Rocket Scientists, Seaweed, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Young Fresh Fellows. 1622 boxes made, 122 of which were band copies and were named rather than numberes (i.e.-"Joey of 1500," etc.)-all on black; 1000 CD boxes were made as well (same goodies within).

DHCD1: V/A The Estrus Lunch Bucket CD Box (10/90...out of print)

ESBX2 (ES71, 72, 73, 74, 75): V/A The Estrus Combo Box 5x7"box (2/91...out of print)
The first five singles in a pizza box with postcards, a 12 pg. book, and various things. 200 made.

ESBX3 (ES715, ES716, ES717): V/A The Estrus Half Rack 3x7" box-set (6/91...out of print. Inscriptions: A:"If you've got the time..."/B: "...we've got the beer"/C:"From the land of sky blue water..."D:"...refreshing and bold!"/E:"It's better with a Ballard Bitter"/F:"Grant's Ales...hell yeah!")
Compilation of drinking songs-each set included matches and a bar coaster. 1500 black, 500 color (gold, red, burgundy).

ESDX3: V/A The Estrus Half-Rack CD Box (12/91...out of print)
1500 CDs made.

ESBX4: V/A: The Estrus Gear-Box 3x7" Box Set (7/92...out of print)

ESDX4: V/A Estrus Gear Box CD Box (2/93...out of print)

ESBX5: V/A The Cocktail Companion 3x7" Box-set (1/95...out of print)

ESDX5: V/A The Cocktail Companion CD Box (2/96)