ESTRELLA 20/20: "Afro Mexicana" 10"/CD ES1020 OUT OF PRINT

es1020 Calling all soul/punk swingers. listen up. It's Now Time! Pow Time! 'Cause ESTRELLA 20/20 from Japan have blown open the doors to the backwoods sleeze/blues outhouse and unleashed a roughhewn judo chop to the head with their lowdownin' and ass poundin' "Afro Mexicana" 10" EP/CD! A bullshit killin' dose of houserockin' punk that dips from the same rusty waterin' hole as The Lord High Fixers, Jack O' Fire and The Oblivians, recorded by Tim "Noise Master" Kerr at Egg Studios this past May during the boys stopover at GarageShock '99....ESTRELLA 20/20: Japanese soul/punk swingers blasting in the key of "bad ass & crazy". Atushi (slide guitar/vocals): "When we pull up and pull out the blues news, it even gets the old ladies out into the street bouncin¹ their heads and shakin their hips" Uchi ("bass" guitar): "it's a healthy break from the usual tired old same old!" Hiro (drums): "cool"...So make a date with ESTRELLA 20/20 and their "Afro Mexicana" 10" EP/CD...CD includes three bonus tracks from the bands' "Brown Queenie Yeh-Yeh!" 7" EP. Kanichiwa mother fucker!