THE INSOMNIACS: "The Insomniacs" 10" EP ES103 VINYL-ONLY

es103 Head for the concrete bunker, crank up yer generator and get ready for a buzz-pop blitzkreig courtesy of New Jersey's own INSOMNIAC's! This six- song sub-killer is the fourth release from the band following two self-released singles on their own Umbrella Records and more recently a German-only 7" e.p. These cats combine the best of '60's British Mod & late '70's Power-Pop and churn out tunes that are both fast and melodic...sorta a cross between the Easybeats and The Shoes, or better yet The Fall-Outs with a fuzzbox. THE INSOMNIACS 10" is limited to 2,000 copies and comes with late show induced artwork designed by Art Chantry.