THE MAKERS: "The Devil's Nine Questions" 10"/CD ES104

es104 WARNING!!...Estrus Records has recklessly unleashed the explosive new 10-inch blow to the head, "THE DEVILS NINE QUESTIONS", by primitive J.D. trash-lords, THE MAKERS! That's right Kid, those debonair Northwest hoods of ill-repute have returned with a non-compomentis, all-instrumental assault to the senses. FEAR!...the superstitious wrath of the 'Kushticaw'! THRILL! the frenzied tension of the 'Red Headed Beatle of 1,000 B.C.'! DIG!...the irresistible sexsational R & B romp 'Abby's Bounce'! EXPLODE! the covert, lo-fi glory of 'Operation Mind Bomb'!....welcome to hell, kiddies, you have been duly warned!