IMPALA: "Kings of the Strip" 10"/CD ES106 OUT OF PRINT

es106 Get ready race fans 'cause Memphis' masters of the twang that swangs Impala are set to shut you down with their turbocharged 10" timebomb "Kings of the Strip." Eight gear-grindin' shots of raunchy all-instro bliss with a twist, their ace in the hole...the most crazed sexsational sax squawkin' this side o' insanity! Yeah, this trash is instro but it sure as hell ain't surf. These cats probably can't swim let alone ride a wave. What Impala dish out is a steamin stack of shit-hot R&B/Hot Rod sleaze that's equally at home on a back road drag strip or blaring full-blast inna sweaty, smoke filled strip joint. So start yer engines and get ready to get blown completely offa the track by Impala, the "Kings of the Strip!"