es112 Here it comes baby...ten of the rawest most primal cuts ever laid to wax by Sweden's infamous garage/punk luminaries THE NOMADS! Over half of the thunderin' tracks on this sleazy slab were culled from the band's first recording sessions back in 1983 and it just don't get much rawer than this! Yeah, some of this sweaty swill turned up on the super limited "Stagger In The Snow" cassette-only release in 1984, but the "Raw & Rare" 10"/CD marks the first authorized release of these tracks ever...and each one has been re-mixed and remastered for maximum raunch specifically for this chub by Mr. 4-Eyed Thomas his'self. Yow! The flip or Òrare" side collects some of THE NOMADS coolest but hardest to find cuts taken from various singles and e.p. releases over the years, most notably the truly fuckin' amazing Scientists inspired noisefest "Nitroglycerine Shrieks"! And just in case yer wonderin' there is absolutely no overlap of tracks between "Raw & Rare" and the highly recommended "Showdown!" double CD released last fact most of the tracks on "Raw & Rare" have never been available domestically before now! So get ready for some "Raw & Rare" psychotheraphy courtesy of THE NOMADS!