LORD HIGH FIXERS: "One Upon A Time Called...RIGHT NOW!" 10"/CD ES113

es113 The Lord High Fixers' aural onslaught of unrestrained fury and feedback continues with their latest six-song shakedown the "Once Upon A Time Called...RIGHT NOW!" 10"/CD! A 120 decibel alarm sounding for the jaded cool...declaring NOW TIME...WAKE-UP TIME. "good morning motherfucker!". Forget the rules and suffocating confines of the blawternative nations musuck and the associated customs of the "scene". The Lord High Fixers deliver pure soul power unfettered by the confines of mr. soooo cool's etiquette and with no regard for the all seeing eyes of the dreaded "scene police". The time is now...RIGHT NOW, motherfucker! So, what are you waiting for?