THE MUMMIES "That Girl" 7" ES45001

es45001 Run, cowardly human, run! The savage go-cart menace known as The Mummies have thusly decreed the shit-striped re-releases you've been waiting for. From deep within the beer-can strewn tomb of exalted King Trashi, a crack team of Estrus grave robbers have exhumed the first two, long out of print, classic singles by the wrapped rulers of repulsion, The Mummies. Relive the stoner-slaying magic of "That Girl" - their primitive budget rock debut. Experience anew the pungent fish-like stench of "Food, Sickles, and Girls" - their anthemic ode to Sunday school. Both of these puke inducing platters are re-issued in their original B&W jackets and pressed on glorious black vinyl imported from Uruguay! So, for all you uninitiated, snot nosed twerps who were busy listening to Depeche Mode CD's - here's your chance to enter the filthy thrift-rock world of The Mummies. Better late than never... Fuck CD's, Here come The Mummies!!