GASOLINE: "I Just Low" 7" ES7103

es7103 Throw yer turntable into overdrive, drop a rock on the accelerator and brace yerself for a non-stop, over-the-top, power-rock kick in the ass compliments of GASOLINE and their "I Just Low" 7" e.p...a four-song frenzy of feedback that mixes equal parts stripped down raw power and fuzz heavy blue cheer. This Japanese trio have been tearin' down the house and kickin' out the jams with the likes of The Makers, Lord High Fixers and The Oblivians on their home turf and are primed to bring their own brand of deuterium devastation to the land of the big block Chevy. Punk proctologists take order to ensure that GASOLINEs sonic shrapnel maintained it's full-impact on wax, Ex-Teengenerate madman Fink was enlisted as pit boss for the recording sessions and the results are highly flammable...Anybody got a match?