THE NOMADS: "Pack Of Lies" 7" EP ES7104

es7104 The undisputed kings of pure garage power, THE NOMADS, are back at the track and set to attack with two brand new paint peelin', nitro-burnin' work-outs that pack more horses than a quad engine slingshot! These swaggerin' Swedes staggered into Chicago's Loose Booty Studios this past summer while on their way out to THE ESTRUS INVITATIONALS just long enough to pound a few cold ones and bash out these two crazed blasts...both of which are exclusive to this single. Molten Mopar mayhem as defined by the masters, pressed on track approved black vinyl and crammed inna supa-deluxe die-cut, embossed, foil stamped jacket direct from the illustrious house of Chantry! But don't hold out Ītill the last heat Magreet, Īcause this high performance rock n roll h-bomb is limited to a mere 1,500 copies, and is sure to disappear fast! So, slam the pedal to the floor and get ready for some high speed action courtesy of THE NOMADS "Pack Of Lies" 7" ep!