THE VOLCANOS "Pompeii" 7" EP ES7107  

es7107 Friends. Romans. Countrymen. Lend me your car keys Īcause Michigan's premier tsunami skirtin' surf n' turf combo THE VOLCANOS have brought forth another trifecta of reverb drenched surf-instro hoodoo for your chariot smashing pleasure. Call out the guards baby, Īcause this puck is a pulse pounding piston shot of profound proportions named after one of the most famous magma spewin' blow holes ever, "Pompeii" ...and if the A-Side don't singe the hair offa yer elbows, flip the trip and check out these cat's snare snappin' sanskrit "War Drums" and thier debut vocal maneuver "Where It's Happening" on the backside. But it ain't over yet Cervacus Īcause alla this action comes wrapped in a full-color "magma-tronic" sleeve from Mr. Alexis Waldonius! So turn up the heat and get ready to move dem feet with THE VOLCANOS and their surf smashing "Pompeii" 7" EP!