THE HUNTINGTON CADS: "Big Guitars, Western Style" 7" EP ES7108

es7108 Guitar instro fans dig in Īcause Estrus Records has corralled those sophisticated shamans of Shadows' inspired Meekisms THE HUNTINGTON CADS for a four-song all-instro round-up of Western themed cheese that shoots straight from the knees....THE HUNTINGTON CADS "Big Guitars, Western Style" 7" EP. Taking their name from ritzy Huntington Drive (NOT Beach, Bucky) The Cads' sound brings to mind smoking jackets, liquor heavy mai tais and canned raviolis...not a surfboard in sight Junior! Think pre-Beatles British instrumental suave filtered thru sunny Southern California rickshaw. Fender Jazzmasters, 6-String Bass, acoustic(!) rhythm guitar, matching red sport jackets and layers o' reverb. You'll get it all this and more with THE HUNTINGTON CADS "Big Guitars, Western Style" 7" EP! Limited edition of 1500.