V/A: LORD HIGH FIXERS/GASOLINE "Young Man Blues" 7" Single ES7114

es7114 Ladies and germs, prepare to exalt in a manic assault, a rock n' roll seizure for the non-believer, a spiritual solution to the alterna-delusion - What am I yakkin' about you ask? It's the Austin, Texas bullshit-killing machine Lord High Fixers and Japan's own Hi-Karate champeens Gasoline, servin' up raw and bloody versions of "Young Man Blues" on one flat back seven-inch motherfucker. That's right, Sanchez, two sonic stabbings of hernia producin' USDA punk rock ham hock given the Estrus spanking of approval. So, if you dig frantic fight-rock and way-gone guitars, break your bail and let it wail, Squeeky, 'cause you just can't lose wit da "Young Mang Blues!"