THE NIGHTCAPS: "You Lied" 7" EP ES7115 

es7115 Alright alla you bad lads, listen up, ╬cause Seattle's NIGHTCAPS are set to give you a hi-fashion tongue-lashin' on their devilish Estrus release, the "You Lied" 7". These cats n' kitten are dishin' out some of the most swingin'ly sultry bad-girl meow this side o' Nancy Sinatra and Ann Margaret...pure lip-sneerin' heartbreak au-go-go! Two Lee Hazel-wood type gassers guaranteed to put the "swag" back in swagger, the "ass" back in sassy and the "X" back in sexy. In fact, the B-side of this sizzlin' slab comes straight from the Hazelwood/Sinatra songbook and is an Estrus exclusive while the flip is a hi-test remix lifted offa the NIGHTCAPS debut Dionysus LP/CD "THRILLSVILLE". So the next time you're up all night wild on screwballs, tearin' yer heart out ╬cause ole Lady Luck ain't returned yet from the store, don't pop yer clutch, Sutch...wipe the axle grease offa yer lobes, pour yourself some of the good shit and revel in the sly attitude-gone-bad song stylinŇs of the NIGHTCAPS and their "You Lied! 7" Single!