THE QUADRAJETS: "Super Double Buzz" 7" ES7119

es7119 Cover yer ears, and git ready for a full-on triple guitar attack from Alabama's Guitar Army THE QUADRAJETS, and their SUPER DOUBLE BUZZ 7" EP. What you have here my friend is a a prime dose of ass-kickin, hellraisin', beerdrinkin', redneck rock packaged in a full color supadeluxe die-cut fuzzbox shaped sleeve, designed by the inimitable Rev. Art Chantry Esq. his'self. The a-side resides on THE JETS aforementioned PAY THE DEUCE CD/LP, and the exclusive flip can only be described as Hillbilly Heavy Metal. Both songs on this scorchin' Îlil saucer were recorded direct from the spazzmanŐs kitchen in beautiful Opelika, AL by Tim "The Wizard" Kerr. So, git offa yer ass, get onto yer feet and get ready for that patented QUADRAJETS hillbilly beat, on their blazin' SUPER DOUBLE BUZZ 7" EP. FIRST 200 COPIES ON BLUE WAX! LIMITED EDITION OF 1,000 COPIES.