THE HELLACOPTERS: "Lookin' At Me" 7" ES7122

es7122 Sweden's heavy rock renegades THE HELLACOPTERS unload another pair of .30 caliber blasts of rabid raunch n' roll on their porn fortified Estrus Records "Looking At Me" 7" Single. These four fast livin' Swedish superpunks revel in wah-wah laced Stooge-like raw power, Thunderesque guitar mutilations and below the hips Nomads gyrations and their prowess in all things rock have landed them at the forefront of the second wave of the Nordic garage/punk invasion!No comprende, Der Wafflehausen...well the proof as they say be in the bass ass GROOVES!! F.Y.I., the A-side of this debilitating doubleheader was torn from THE HELLACOPTERS latest import-only long player, "Pay The Dues", while the flip is exclusive to this slab. So, saddle up the sleddogs and get ready for some hip grindin' rock action courtesy of THE HELLACOPTERS and their "Looking At Me" 7"!