THE COYOTEMEN "Call Of The Coyote Man!" 2x7" ES7125/6 

es7125-6 Hide yer chicks and geetar picks cuz Newcastle, England's dirty-mouthed anti-dandy's, The Coyotemen are on the prowl! Estrus records proudly presents "The Call of the Coyote Man" double 7" EP - a lucha libre-fueled rocket ride of purely predatory, howlin' mad, hi-viscous rock n' roll! Armed only with a six pack and a hunger to rock, The Coyotemen are rabid, and eager to pounce with this fang-bearin' fission of psycho-Sonics garage and 100% skull-crackin' sidewalk punk. Believe it, bunky - two surly slabs more scorchin' than the cigarette burns on a fat man's tanktop!! And if that weren't enough smash fer yer cash, dig the deluxe, full color gatefold artwork by legendary cartoonist and slot-car racing fanatic, Jaime Hernandez. But you best get hip quick, Schmick, cuz this critter is sly, deadly and movin' fast! AWOOOOOOOO!!!!! LIMITED EDITION OF 1,000 COPIES.