es7131Those hydroponic heroes of hellhound rock În roll, The Von Zippers, have followed up last year's wacked out "Wurms" 2x7" set with a double dose of electrofried sicko-sonica; a proctologically proven primer for their upcoming "Bad Generation" LP/CD (set to blow bunkers in early Î99!!)...the hi-flyin', liver-fryin' "Twist Off" 7" single! These four crazed Canucks have puked up two tracks of whiplash inducin' rock'n'roll dedicated to the truncated trinity of wine, women & slong, delivered in the great slop rawk tradition of the Dead Boys/Saints/Pack. A shit-hot servin' of bratwurst-fueled punk'n'roll that'll have ya seein' double and seekin' trouble...and if all this distorto-phonic vitriolic ain't enough to get yer gams a' grindin', squint yer peeps at the bad-ass, die-cut, bottle-top shaped, metallic gold sleeve, designed by the regal Sir Art Chantry Esq.! So, grab that jug and "Twist Off" Twiggy, with the one and only VON ZIPPERS! Limited Edition of 1,000 copies!