THE INSOMNIACS "Guilt Free" 7" Single ES7132 

es7132 Dig it baby, After several months of intensive swinging, casual drug usage and international jetsetting (including a headlining slot at the world renowned "Purple Weekend" festival in Spain) Englishtown New Jersey's crown princes of pop-tainted, guitar-charged, mod-crazy rock Īn roll,THE INSOMNIACS, lovingly present their latest Estrus wax du jour, the "Guilt Free" 7" single - Two raucous r'n'b infused rave-ups for the freakbeat sweat set! You heard right, Romeo, the brothers Woj and the Doctor of Sin rocket to the fore of mod/pop lore with another superbad slab of ultra-sonic rock Īn roll moxie that includes a psychodelictable take of "Mud in your Eye", originally done by Les Fleur De Lys! And lest we forget this RASPBERRIE covered PRETTY THING comes JAMmed SMALL FACE first inna un(EASY)BEATable pop art CREATION from the venerable House of Chantry that's strictly for da BIRDS, so don't be MEEK, TWINK, snag some maximum r'n'b swing with THE INSOMNIACS and their GROOVIE "Guilt Free" 7" single! LIMITED EDITION OF 1,000 COPIES.