QUADRAJETS "My Car, My Starship"7" ES7136  

es7136 Tired of flames, tits, fake-believe Hot Rods, and blah blah punk rock? Do you really think that rock and the revolution are dead? Well, here's something new from Alabama's guitar army sweetcheeks and its - H-E-A-V-Y. It's the buzz word for this here South'n-rawk can-o-whup-ass, which is by the way the first ‘Jet release on Estrus since last year's rockfest full length "Pay the Deuce," and their ragin' East Coast/Mid-West assault with The Hellacopters this past winter. This sucka is loaded with buzzes, crackles, grits and grass. The A-side, "My Car, My Starship," tells a true-to-life tale of lead singer Chet "The Cheetah" Weise's 455 Trans-Am meeting its demise after an encounter with a monster possum on the backroads of Macon County, Alabama. Sonically and rhythmically the cut pays homage to the mighty Blue Cheer. Tim "Noise-Master" Kerr, was on hand in the studio to help capture once again the intensity of the triple guitar attack onto tape. The B-side, "Hole in the Sky," recorded by Brendan Burke in Chicago, finds the ‘Jets rockin' a hallowed tune from Black Sabbath's "Sabotage" album. Listen up, Jr., this here ain't just another "car" single, it's the truth. It's a raucous rock-n-roll reckoning..So, hit the gas and let the Quadrajets tell you about H-E-A-V-Y. Packed in a deluxe, full-color, die-cut sleeve from the reknowned house of Chantry. Limited Edition of 1,000 copies!