GIMMICKS "Dirty Inside" 7" EP ES7137 

es7137 Hang onto yer assflaps, Andrew, cause Seattle's shamans of sonically reduced smut are back outta the gutter with two sinister new tracks of dirty, stilletto heeled squawk n'roll on their crack smackin Estrus Records seven-inch assault, "Dirty Inside!" A street talkin' mainline of dirty, blooze infected groove filtered thru a fuzz-fucked onslaught of sardonic guitar overdose, that struts like The Scientists, Birthday Party and the squall of early Fall piledrivin' head-on into a motorcity bound pharmaceutical supply truck. Confusion. Shock. Twisted metal, bodyparts and bloodcaked needles strung along the freeway. It aint pretty, and it sure as hell ain't "unplugged", got it? Watch for The Gimmicks on tour this summer down the West Coast and thru America's heartland...ain't no need to sanitize cause these cats are just plain "Dirty Inside!". LIMITED EDITION OF 1,000 COPIES. Full-Color Sleeve by Art Chantry. Also Available: The Gimmicks "High Heels" 10" ep /CD ES118.