FATAL FLYING GUILLOTEENS: "Ask Marie Antoinette" 7" EP ES7140

es7140It was on a night in October in 1996 when THE FATAL FLYIN' GUILLOTEENS opened for a touring DRAGS on their houston date. Having toured the country a couple of times before this THE DRAGS had grown weary of local opening acts because, quite frankly, a good majority of them sucked ass and nad. This night was different. THE GUILLOTEENS churned out a one of a kind performance that only they could and it left a baffled c.j. (guitarist, vocalist of THE DRAGS) to come up to the band quickly afterward and declare, "that was the most awesomely retarded thing i have seen in my life!" a few months later the guilloteens found the hand jobs they were giving to club owners pay off again when the secured the opening slot at a LORD HIGH FIXERS gig. while the FFG'S were on stage a hyper impressed TIM KERR turned to his guitarist/band mate andy wright and asked, "what the fuck do these guys listen to?" Well now that the magic has died and the people they rip off has become blatantly obvious, ESTRUS is proud to release the band's third 7" and what do you know, producing this little gem is TIM KERR and C.J. of THE DRAGS flew in from albuquerque to sit in on bass. The four songs contained within are favorites of GUILLOTEEN fans across the nation and they even shout some of these very song titles out at live performances when they are not pelting the band with rocks and various objects. So, what do THE GUILLOTEENS listen to, and in fact, what do they sound like one might ask. Well while in studio legendary producer KERR made some lofty comparisons of the GUILLOTEENS to bands of yesteryore saying they were, "the Gang of Four of garage rock". Similar comments were made by c.j. when learning the songs over the course of a weekend, "rockingly scientific". Scientific garage? Of course the description of headchoppin' hardcore has been used in the past and a couple of drunken, rowdy fans have described the sound as, "texas death fuck blues," and still others simply say, "trash rock". SCIENTIFIC TEXAS DEATH FUCK TRASH GARAGE BLUES will do.