THE SOLEDAD BROTHERS: "The Gospel According To John" 7" ES7142

es7142 It's been said that America is the first nation to transform from barbarity to decadence, with out the benefit of civilization. A man without a nation is a shadow, a nation without a conscience is a sham. We are those men in that nation, a nation on the verge of infamy. We are those men, who cut their teeth on the street corners, and back alley bars. We are those men who scrap and scrape for what little is worthwhile or precious. We are those men, who toil only to be cast from the bosom of freedom. We are those men, who are hidden from the glare of mediocrity. We are the SOLEDAD, and we will not be denied. SOLEDAD BROTHERS "The Gospel According to John" 7" Single. Limited Edition of 1,000 copies. FILE UNDER: RAW 2-PEICE TRASH/BLUES GUITAR-DRUM-HARP WAILI AND HOWL. RSVP SIN CITY OHIO. USA.