es7144 What do you get when you mix five Hellacopters, five Quadrajets, a bottle of Jack, and a recording studio in Alabama? Answer: A MONSTER split single between the QUADRACOPTERS and the HELLAJETS...featuring five heatseeking guitars, two nuclear drummers, two airborne bass-players, one submergible piano player, and a fullscale Rock-n-Roll invasion. Both bands took an afternoon off from their tour of occupied America this past summer, set all the players up in the same room, and recorded both of these two fine salvos in one take! One tune is a refit of the Quadrajet's overhaul of B.B. King's classic boogie, "Think It Over". The other a Hellajet's original based on a hellraisin' Hellacopter rhythmn. C'mon, arm yourself against mediocrity, get a copy of this historic recording session, load it into the trusty turntable, and FIRE at will!!...and speaking of fire watch for THE QUADRAJETS upcoming Estrus Records full-length LP/CD "When The Worlds On Fire" in January Y2K!