GASOLINE: "Step On The Gas" 7" ES7145

es7145 Call out the riot squad and get ready to "Step On The Gas" Ratty, 'cause Japans fire spewin' smash and bash raygun revolutionaries, the almighty GASOLINE, are back to sideswipe all unsuspectin' crania with their mod fukked megaton fuzzgun attack! These card carryin' members of the Young Lions Conspiracy have been lurkin' undercover since their debut Estrus full-length LP/CD a few years back...but it's NOW TIME! GASOLINE 2000! This cats have strapped the supa-sonic sidecar onto their low flyin' "Afro Cow" and blown out a double barreled 7" blast...the "Step On The Gas" single! Take note, Gunn and crew are hard at work finishing up tracks for a follow-up full-length blaster and a second invasion of the USA is in the works for this summer as well...the countdown to destruction has begun!