THE SEWERGROOVES "Seventh Floor" 7" EP ES7148

es7148Straight from the Sewer to the "Seventh Floor", the SEWERGROOVES are back with two new tracks of dirty r'n'r smack on their "Seventh Floor" 7" EP...Hot off the heels of last year's power poundin' "Songs From the Sewer" LP/CD, these Stockholmian volume priests show that they still got more than a little Urge for Overkill...both cuts are big and bad, hook filled guitar charged sideswipes that go down like a warm beer chased with a cold shot of week old whisky. Another full-length LP/CD is in the works and talk of a second swing thru the U.S.A. this year as well...So, hop that one way elevator to the "Seventh Floor" with the Sewergrooves! LIMITED EDITION OF 1,000 COPIES.