THE VON ZIPPERS "Monkey on U" 7" ES7151

es7151Hey, what's black and ripe, and hairy all over? Why, Gorgilla Gorilla, of course, with lotsa time to kill for the kinda pill that thrills...yup, THE VON ZIPPERS trashrock attack is back, Jack, as the crown kings of the krappenhausen hit you with a prime-matein' pair of newly-recorded Budget Ape blasts that'll have you scratchin' yer balls and climbin' the walls. But make no mistake, Jake, the VZ's don't monkey with no junky, no sirree, these primed-apes tie the barley bag on tight, then commence to startin' a jungle-rock uprising not heard since mama got mean and junked all yer Dolls 'n' Heartbreakers records for bingo scratch. So, grab onto that jungle juice, Bruce, grease your pants with glee, Lee, and GO APE! with THE VON ZIPPERS and their spankin' "Monkey On You" 7"! Limited Edition of 1,000.