THE IMMORTAL LEE COUNTY KILLERS "Let's Get Killed" 7" Single ES7156

es7156The Immortal Lee County Killers, Chetley "the Cheetah" Weise and The Boss Sherrard, play the real punk blues. A duo like many of their early 20th Century predecessors from Mississippi, these two sons of bitches from Alabama still play the punk blues with enough energy and volume to have shared the stage with the New Bomb Turks, Hellacopters, et al.

Delivered through two hazy all tube amplifiers and two black drums, the duo's new single, "Let's Get Killed", asks some interesting questions. The songs title itself is a play on words sure to stir up a controversy likened to the misundersood "Suicide Solution" by Ozzy Osbourne. Really, neither tune has much to do with a blood bath.

Years ago blues shouters said, "I ask for water, she gave me gasoline."Today, ILCK yells "I ask for friends, and I get judges." It's a similar message in a different context. Later in "Killed", the Cheetah proclaims, "I ask for salvation, and I get a preacher." It's obvious that religion no longer plays as big a role in contemporary society compared to days past. People have tired of false preachers and prophets; tired of a corrupt church. The church as an institution for salvation and morality has been destroyed, even in the bible belt, by centuries of liars.

And what about lines like, "lots of revolutions with no solutions" or "the Bar-Kays won't play 'Soulfinger"? There's a lot of prittle-patter today about revolution: economic, environmental, social, political, even revolution within music. When Gore and Bush argue over taxes, did you know they're really only arguing over a 2% change in total tax revenue? And what about all these "direct action anarchists" who have been grabbing headlines lately? It seems more like petty anti-authoritarianism than true anarchism. These new highly vocal and pro-violence anarchist say very little, offer nothing new intellectually, and propose no real solutions. It's real easy for anyone to find something to condemn - that point is painfully obvious when listening to these blokes bitch. America has a proud tradition in anarchy, these direct action kids ain't it. Oh yeah, and what about revolution within music? How many times recently have you heard lead singers demand, "let's save rock-n-roll" or "power to the people!". Welp, now we have X stations run by clueless execs all over America playing so called revolutionary "new rock" to "commercial markets." And I've seen too many bands turn "revolution" into a shtick. Words lose their meaning if they're used in a fashion that just does not matter. And by the way, the Bar-Kays really don't play "Soulfinger" anymore. Yip, "lots of revolutions with no solutions."

What do the Immortal Lee County Killers offer for a solution? It's simple: "let's get killed from laughin'." So check out "Let's Get Killed." Is it a revolution? Not by today's definition. BUT THANK GOD IT'S DAMN DIFFERENT. -Dr. David Evian