THE WEDNESDAYS "Spirit War" 7" ES7158

es7158From the lower Appalachian Mountains of Northern Alabama comes the snake-handling trio known as the Wednesdays. Three brothers who have heard the high lonesome wail and mastered the lowdown shake known as "lost highway rock n roll." The "Spirit War" 7" EP comes on with the fury of a smashed Choctaw skull, a fury that tells of wolves and resistance, of black trains and burning churches, of speaking in tongues and total energy. If you've seen' em live, then you must heed the call, dear brother, you must heed the call, and if you haven't prepare thyself for a revved up fire and brimstone rock n' roll testimonial, Îcause these boys come out with guns blazin' and don't slow it down to reload! Features Jamie B. of The Quadrajets on guitar and throat...Recorded by the voodoo doctor of noise himself, Tim Kerr, at the Sweat Box in Austin, Texas. THE WEDNESDAYS "Spirit War" 7" EP...ESTRUS ES7158...Limited Edition of 1,000 copies.