THE BASEBALL FURIES "Secret Club" 7" EP ES7159

es7159Buffalo, New York's rustbelt renegades, the baseball furies, are back with a vengeance on their debut Estrus slab, the kneecap smashin' "I Hate Your Secret Club" 7" EP! These grandfathers of the Buffalo scum rock scene have been churning out their brand of intense hi-energy punk rock n' roll since stepping up to the plate back in '95. The band's "All American Psycho" 10" ep on Flying Bomb Records turned heads and tore asses the world Îround and the tour in support of said slab set THE BASEBALL FURIES grand slam stain all across the USA! The "I Hate Your Secret Club" 7" EP is a prelude to THE FURIES upcoming full-length slab due out later this year and watch out world ╬cause another USA swing is in the works as is a blaze across euroland in early ╬02! ...influences? Dead Boys to MC5 to Angry Samoans to Richard Hell to the Gun Club to The Buzzcocks to The Mummies to The Oblivions...."Loud, frenzied and intense"! the baseball furies "I Hate Your Secret Club" 7" EP. RECORDED BY JIM DIAMOND. COVER DESIGN BY ART CHANTRY...LIMITED EDITION OF 1,000.