THE MISTREATERS "Personal Space Invader" 7" EP ES7160

es7160Milwaukee's malcontent masters of menace, THE MISTREATERS, throw down four fiery blasts of fuzzed out, fucked up, fornication fortified destructo-rawk on their new Estrus slab, the "Personal Space Invader" seven-inch ep. A brain-bashing buzzsaw two-step that kicks and flails like a pissed-off two-headed bastard cousin-in-law from down home Oblivianville, TN. with a bad hip, dig? Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals and Volume. So, light one up, slap this mutha down on yer spindle and ride, Sally, ride!...oh, and be sure to check out THE MISTREATERS full-length crusher "Grab Them Cakes" on Big Neck Records. THE MISTREATERS "Personal Space Invader" 7" EP...ESTRUS ES7160...Limited Edition of 1,000 copies.