MONO MEN: "Burning Bush" 7" ES71R

es71r Back by unpopular demand. The infamous garage-punk classic that started it all. More infectious than a broken bottle tattoo, "Burning Bush" is the surly, 3-chord blueprint for primitive, eye-ball-gougin' riot-rock everywhere. The Dead Sea Scrolls of modern day slop n' burn. In 1988, Northwest degenerates, The Mono Men, swallowed a swimming pool's worth of beer, broke into Egg Studios and managed to launch the year's most violent garage-piss and still make it to the liquor store before closing. Side B contains the devil may care Savoir faire of "Rat Fink" and the lost, originally intended and previously unreleased, THIRD slice of vomit, "Don't Tread On Me" with a young, fresh Scott McCaughey helping out on guitar and backing vox. So, If you missed it the first time, wipe the puke off yer shoes, tell yer parole officer to go screw and relive the glory and shame of Estrus' first release - "Burning Bush"!