JACKIE & THE CEDRICS: "Thunder Struck!" 7" EP ES737R

es737rTokyo's Jackie And The Cedrics are without a doubt the hottest instro/surf band in the Land Of The Rising Sun, if not the world, and churn out some of the most energetic and raw surf twang you'll ever put a ear to and their smolderin' four-song debut, "Thunder Struck" 7" ep, is ample proof of that fact, Jack. This smokin' lil' shaker has been outta print for almost three years, but nows yer chance to grab this slab for your very own courtesy of the fine folks at Estrus Archives. So, bolt down the furniture, secure all doors, and get ready for four songs worth of seismic surf stomp with Jackie And The Cedrics and their electrifying "Thunder Struck" 7" ep.