SATAN'S PILGRIMS "Haunted House Of Rock" 7" EP ES758

es758 A four-song all-instro scarefest inspired by equal parts bad b-flicks, cheap booze and haunted hotrods. These Portland, OR. cats churn out a three guitar surf attack that's heavy on the Davie Allen and the Arrows but with a heady dash of Billy Vaughnish cocktail lounge sleeze thrown in just for the hell of it! SATANS PILGRAMS have been knockin'em dead at both hip "rock" clubs and Holiday Inn lounges alike all decked out in their matching blood red shirts and jet black devil capes, and to top it off these guys actually live and practice in a real haunted house...woah! So tune up that ghostmobile and get ready for a scarifying trip to the "HAUNTED HOUSE OF ROCK" courtesy of SATANS PILGRAMS!