LOS MARAUDERS "Wild Women" 7" ES759

es759 Barnstormin' straight outta Ames, Iowa, where corn is king and UFO abductions are a way of life comes LOS MARAUDERS with their "Wild Women" 7" EP! Four trashy chop-bustin', ass-stompers presented straight-up and ready ta blow...half of'em recorded live at a maximum security women's penitentiary...woah! LOS MARAUDERS take the most crazed late 50's rawk mix it up with a heathly dose of snotty punk swagger, chew it up, puke it out and call it breakfast...so grab a fork, knock that dust ball offa yer Hi-Fi and slap on the LOS MARAUDERS "Wild Women" 7" full blast..the neighbors will hate ya for it! ...Limited edition of 2,000/Full-color deluxe glued sleeve.