THE HENTCHMEN: "...Ypsilanti's Newest Hitmakers!" 7" EP ES768

es7168 Those revved-up Ypsilanti Ya-Hoos, THE HENTCHMEN, strike again with a brand new stripped down 3-song Untamed Youth meets Supercharger Great Lakes fratfest about some of their fave, finned coupes, fun-lovin' gals and simple household demolition on their Estrus Records debut...THE HENTCHMEN "...Ypsilanti's Newest Hitmakers!" 7" e.p.! For the uninitiated these prolific Mid-Western boys have several self-released singles under their belts as well as a smokin' full-length Lp on Norton Records and another due down the pike pronto! THE HENTCHMEN are without a doubt one of the coolest, no-frills, hip-crackin' party bands on the planet as anyone who has caught'em live can tap that keg, clear a spot for the twister game in the front room and get ready to tear it up with THE HENTCHMEN "...Ypsilanti's Newest Hitmakers!"