SUGAR SHACK "You Don't Mean Shit to Me" 7" ES770

es770Big, bad, mean and mad three-chord Texan stomp, straight outta the bowels of hot and humid Houston...that's the shit SUGAR SHACK serves up on their blazin' "You Don't Mean Shit to Me" 7". These city boys shuffle the likes of Link Wray, Black Flag, Poison 13 and cheap tequila into a sweaty snot filled cocktail delivered loud and proud in classic Texas punk rock style. Yeah, they're one beer short of a six-pack but way too drunk to care. Fact is that these cats can more often than not be found shooting the curls at their fave surf-spot, "Quintana", or knockin'em down at some local shit-hole! The finger flying manifesto "You Don't Mean Shit To Me" is dedicated to alla the "friends" they've made over the years while the incendiary instro on the flip pretty much speaks for itself...Smoke, Daddy, Smoke!!! Watch for SUGAR SHACK's new LP on Au-Go-Go soon!