DEKE DICKERSON: "Asphalt Aisle" 7" ES772

es772Deke Dickerson is back--with more of the wild guitar work you've come to know and love him for in those supercharged combos The Untamed Youth and The Dave & Deke Combo. This time out Deke straps on the six-string and delivers two searing instros with those wizards of the woodshed, Big Sandy's Fly Rite Boys, backin' him up! It's the sound of the dragstrip on "Asphalt Aisle"--Deke drags his Supro guitar and amp behind a real boss railjob and finishes in the low 10's! On The flip, Deke whips out the Danelectro 6-string Bass for the haunting melody of "Midnight Swell". Seems the glassy waves from Malibu to La Jolla are getting so crowded during the day, that several innovative hotdoggers (including Deke & his "Goofy Foot" longboard) have taken to going out at Midnight and riding by moonlight on the "Midnight Swell". So git ready for a furious flatpickin' fandango courtesy of Deke Dickerson and his guitar!