SUPERSNAZZ: "I Gotta Go Now" 7" Single ES774

es774Schlock rock villains beware because Japan's supercharged super heroines of super punk, SuperSnazz have unleashed a renegade power puck of profanely profound proportions...Two brand new fuzz propelled tracks of pure snazzmanian terror sure to send wannabe wankers everywhere straight back to their crap caves! But this hot little number offers more than mere audio edification my friends! Open the deluxe full-color cover and fearlessly follow the exciting exploits of the sisters snazz as they grapple with rabid runaway robot gorillas and courageously confront the dreaded and deadly Queen Bee herself! Witness all this and more in a deluxe 8-page comic book penned by ace inker Mr. Alex Wald! But ya better grab a copy of this super slab fast Îcause it's limited to a mere 1500 copies.