THE BRENTWOODS: "You Broke My Heart" 7" ES776

es776Direct from their SRO shows at the South City Glee Club Jamboree and Cake Walk, The Estrus Recording Society in conjunction with Radio X Enterprises Inc. proudly presents THE BRENTWOODS "You Broke My Heart" 7" single. Angelic harmonies, the lush sounds of a clavinet cascading vibrantly thru the enchanted "forest of the woodwinds"....yeah, right, you sure as hell won't find any of that crap here. But, if yer hankering for a double dose of non-stop hip-shakin' slop n'roll THE BRENTWOODS got that action goin on in spades! These lo-fi all-stars don't give a shit Îbout being hip or playing any of the "cool" clubs in town...nope, just blowin' it out at a houseparty now and then and unleashin' a fistful of some of the swingin'est shimmy-shake slabs ever to hit yer turntable suits'em just fine...and the "You Broke My Heart" 7" single continues their perfect streak! So, saddle up and git ready to rattle those bones with South City's finest, THE BRENTWOODS!