THE 1-4-5's: "Planetary Annihilation" 7" EP ES777

es777Call out the cosmic coast guard 'cause those interplanetary trash rawk stormtroopers The 1-4-5's have unleashed their second six-song slab slash and burn slop sure to terrorize yer turntable. This four-piece band of Austin misfits prove once again that with the right attitude and a loud enough amp you can fuck shit up and make some damn fine noise in the process. File this sucker in the same section as yer well worn Supercharger and Inhalants records or better yet under "Texas Lo-Fi Trash," either way strap yourself in tight and get ready for a crazed crap-o-matic frugfest© when you slap that needle down because The 1-4-5's are out for nothing short of total and complete "Planetary Annihilation," and they plan to get there one song at a time. But wait! As a special added bonus the "Planetary Annihilation" 7" e.p. comes with a set of semi-deluxe "2-D" cut-out stand-up caricatures of each 1-4-5 perfect for staging yer very own coffee table invasion, so grab those scissors, strap on your crash helmet and get ready for The 1-4-5's "Planetary Annihilation" 7" e.p.!