THE FELLS: "What I Got" 7" ES781

es781Tucson's toadlickin' trashcan taxidermists, The Fells, have taken a break from guzzlin' down 100 proof libations and picking cactus nettles outta their asses long enough to record their most drivin' vinyl testament to date, the "What I Got" 7" single. This lil' love chub is hotter than a plumber's asscrack in July if ya know what I mean...a ying/yang yankfest of fuzzed out guitars and frantic vocals sure ta put a new wrinkle in yer crinkle. Hey, if you caught these cats action on last years super cool "Amped" ep (on Tucson's own West World Records) than you know the score, and if not, well than listen up! Put those friggin' nosehair clippers away Seymour, Îcause it's time to scrape the shit out from behind yer lobes and subject yer speakers to some serious shit-shake courtesy of The Fells and their "What I Got" 7" single.