THE INSOMNIACS: "Already Down" 7" ES785

es795Those tri-powered mod/popsters from Englishtown New Jersey, The Insomniacs, are back in action with two brand new hi-rev rounds of frantically fuzzed out big beat blow-outs guaranteed to knock your ass straight outta the cot and right onto the dance floor. A blatant buzz-pop blast wrapped in a deluxe embossed sleeve from the house of Chantry. Comparisons with The Stems, Easybeats and Fall-Outs are not without merit as these three sharp dressed Jerseyites drink from the same well of influences but The Insomniacs bash out a distinctly powerful blend of massive hook-filled, guitar charged power that's all their own. So, pull that pointy boot outta yer neighbor's crusty ass, down a couple of no-doze and caffeine shakes, grab a copy of The Insomniacs "Already Down" 7" single and shake, baby, shake.