THE MUMMIES: "Get Late" 7" ES94017R

es94017rResurrected from the dank and musty tomb of those fabulous Pharaohs of Phrantic budget rock The Mummies, comes the limited edition reissue of the much sought after "Hi-Heel Sneakers" 7"single. This shakin' snaker has languished forgotten under a blanket of dust and cobra shit since it's original, and extremely limited, release in 1992. But nows yer chance to scoop this smokin' puck up with a brand new deluxe hard jacket...and whats this? Hold the stinkin' presses...the wrapped ones have risen from the grave in order to mangle-up the b-side for an updated version of Intro'95. OK chump, clean the streak outta yer draws,wipe the slobber offa yer chin, and get movin' fast Îcause this is one seven inch shitfest that no self respectin' trash fan would dare be caught dead without...but keep it under wraps Îcause it could disappear without warning!