SUPERCHARGER: "Don't Mess Me Up" 7" Single ESP6

esp6OK, trash fans here's one that's sure to swell yer glands, those dustchompin' numbchucks at Estrus Archives have finally saw fit to reissue the ultra-rare, superrawkin' SUPERCHARGER "Don't Mess Me Up" 7" single! This swingin' slab was originally released back in early 93 with a mere 400 copies making it out of the warehouse and into the stores! That's right, O'Reilly two exclusive supercharged blasts o' trash culled from the semi-legendary "Goes Way Out" LP sessions...the a-side is a searing shit stomper that features the mysterious mummified Dick Jaws on keys and the flip is a hilarious sneak peek into the recording of the "Goes Way Out!" LP! So, if you missed out on this puck the first time around, and who didn't, nows yer chance to snap one up for yerself...don't blow it.