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THE DT’S: high voltage head on hard soul get down


THE DT'S "Hard Fixed" CD ES2102D $12.98  • 
Ain’t no fixin’ required on the Dt’s debut blast Hard Fixed… Ten sweat fueled tracks of Hard Soul get down recorded at
Seattle’s legendary Egg Studios with Tim Kerr at the wheel. A bold departure from Sir Estrus Dave Crider’s six-string work
with the Mono Men and Watts, the Dt’s draw their muse from equal parts hot n’ sweaty soul swagger and loud hard rock
stagger and feature the gutsy, shit hot vocal stylings of Diana Young-Blanchard - inviting the listener in with a sultry taste,
then turning with a powerful wanton wail. Drummer Phil Carter takes issues to the roof and organist Patti Bell lays down a
seductive fat bottomed groove that gives the band a distinctively greasy undertone. From the sly ‘n’ sultry “Star 69” to the
lowgear drive of “Proud Man,” this slab kicks from top to bottom and back again… pure rock rhythm and soul that conjures
the ghosts and devils of eras past and future with a sound part borrowed, part new and all blue… a raging head on hard
soul fury! If it ain’t fucked, don’t fix it. If it ain’t Hard Fixed, fuck it. Recorded by Tim Kerr. Sleeve design by Jim Blanchard.

THE DT'S "Nice 'N' Ruff!" LP GH1136 $14.98  •
THE DT'S "Nice 'N' Ruff!" CD GH1136D $12.98  • 
The Dt's second full-length recording is a non-stop, sweat-soaked, 35-minute rock and soul party in a box. The band takes
10 of their fave cuts from the before n' after and ruffed 'em up a bit, masterfully re-inventing each in the supercharged Dt's mold.
From the superb soul-groove of Al Green's “Driving Wheel” and Eddie Floyd's Stax classic “Big Bird” to ass-mashing rockers
like CCR's “Pagan Baby”, Roky Erickson's “Don't Slander Me”, and AC/DC's “What's Next To The Moon”, this disc delivers
the goods, exuding the raw, spit and shine that the Dt's have become known for live. Expertly recorded in the Great NW by
sound wizard “Captain” Jack Endino, “Nice 'N' Ruff” also marks the entry of new guy Scott Greene, whose basso profundo
replaces the keyboards found on their debut release “Hard Fixed”, and adds yet more meat to the Dt's already burgeoning
platter. Not to mention that sexy soul-siren Diana Young-Blanchard's vocals are sweeter than ever, Dave Crider's guitar has
never sounded dirtier, and Phil Carter's drumming has reached new peaks of precise, jackhammer intensity. Top the whole
damn thang off with deft cover design by Mr. Art Chantry Esq., and you've got yourself a record that both shakes AND
bakes! Less is more, enuff is enuff... the Dt's like it “Nice 'N' Ruff”!.

THE DT'S "Filthy Habits" LP GH1137 $14.98  •
THE DT'S "Filthy Habits" CD GH1137D $12.98  • 
A ten track dose of dirty rock n’ soul shakedowns from Bellingham, Washington’s hard soul hitsquad, the Dt’s. Tthe band’s
third full length, the second of all original material, and it combines all the best elements of their first two releases: all the
hard soul get down of last year”s “Nice ‘N’ Ruff”, and all the hot n’ sweaty hard rock energy of their debut slab, “Hard Fixed.”
“Filthy Habits” raises the bar with a swagger and a smile… Raw Power meets Soul Power, Baby! Recorded at MARS
Studios with knob-kings Captain Jack Endino (who recorded “Nice “N’ Ruff”) and Johnny Sangster (Mudhoney, Gas Huffer,
The Briefs, The Makers) the Dt’s stalked out with ten electrifying new tracks, thirty-two minutes of hip-shakin’ hard soul
satisfaction supreme. Diana Young-Blanchard’s voice is strong, sexy and soulful (imagine Tina Turner & Bon Scott’s most
pissed off bastard love child in on this album is nothing short of epic. More proof positive as towhy she was named one
of the best voices in rock by Spains Popular One magazine. Dave Crider’s guitar hits like a brazen bare knuckled street-
fighter on a late night Beale Street gin binge, while rhythm-men Scott Greene and Phil Carter keep time like two meth-soaked
metronomes. “Hard Fixed”, “Nice ‘N’ Ruff”, and now the Dt’s are back with “Filthy Habits”, the third installment in the Dt’s
ongoing testimonial of rock n’ soul snakebite. Filthy Habits? Yeah, the Dt’s got’em …and bad never sounded so good.

THE DT'S "Sweet Words" 7" SINGLE GR71 (Import) $9.98 •
The B-Side, Wrap It Up, is exclusive to this slab. Limited Edition Import on
Groovie Records (Portugaul). Features hot trottin' hand silkscreened
artwork by Amy Jo Hendrickson.

THE DT'S "Lights Out" 7" SINGLE RPM072 (white wax) $8.98 •
The B-Side, Wet Cake Pt. II, is exclusive to this single. Pressed on WHITE WAX.
Cover art by Zach Hobbs.

THE DT'S "Mystified" 7" SINGLE GH236 $8.98 •
The B-side, Too Much Woman, is exclusive to this slab... The A-side
is an alternate version recorded specifically for this release.
Artwork by Art Chantry.

THE DT'S "Freedom" 7" SINGLE GH239 $8.98 •
Hang onto yer glasspacs slappy cause those hi ballin' hard soul hip shakers,
the Dt's, are back with two tracks of smoke hot ass swat on their asphalt fryin'
Freedom seven-inch slab - the A-Side of this puck is snatched from their highly
acclaimed Hard Fixed full-length, while the flip, a smolderin' version of King Otis'
"Don't Mess With Cupid", is exclusive to this chub ...and how about that cornea
corrodin' sleeve designed by Mr. Art Chantry, Esq. III? Dig It! Top Off -
Gear Down - the Dt's - FREEDOM!

THE DT'S "God Damn World" 7" SINGLE PV029 $9.98 •
The B-side, High On A Horse, is exclusive to this slab.
Limited Edition on Pure Vinyl Records (Austria).
Artwork by Jim Blanchard.

THE DT'S "Cake Driver" 7" SINGLE GHR09 $9.98 •
The B-side, Got This Thing On The Move, is exclusive to this slab.
Limited Edition Import on Ghost Highway Records (Spain).
Artwork by Art Chantry.

THE DT'S "Dirty Jack" 7" SINGLE FFH2 $8.98 •
The instrumental B-side, Restless, is exclusive to this slab.
Limited Edition of 300 on Five-Five Hole Records.
Artwork by Derek Vander Grind.

THE DT'S "Hard Fixed" POSTER DTP2102 8.98  •
17x22 poster printed on newsprint. Ships folded.

MADAME X: swingin', seductive and soulful.

MADAME X "PARIS, ADULT WORLD" 10" EP/CD ES115 10" EP $12.98 • CD $12.98  • • 
Estrus Records presents the swingin'ly soulful sounds of MADAME X and her handpicked all-star cast of troubadours, featuring

Memphis' own R&B instro kings IMPALA along with members of The Memphis Horns, The Royal Pendaltons and More!! Recorded
up close, in person, and onlocation at Austin, TX's, Sweatbox Studios and Memphis, TN's "Home of the Hits", Phillips Studios by

Mr. Rowland Janes, and produced by non-other than punk/soul mainman Tim Kerr. This collection of sweet, sassy, and downright
sexy serenades goes down smoother than a tall glass of Kentucky bourbon on a steamy summer night...Jazzy and laid back...
with a touch of the blues and a scent of the seedy side of life. Swirling and seductive rhythms laced with bump and grind intoxication.
If that combination isn't dangerous enough, add a silky smooth guitar reminiscent of a Mike Hammer novel, mix in a little soul, and a
whole lotta lovin' vocal stylin' from the lady herself. It's all for you... so don't be shy... pull down the shades and say hello to MADAME X.

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