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MONO MEN "Bent Pages!" LP DSL51 (French LP Edition) $24.98  •
Limited edition remastered vinyl repress on RED Swirl vinyl - French import
Limited Edition of 500

MONO MEN "Shut Up! Callate!" LP GHR233 (Spanish LP) $34.98  • 
12 Track Limited Edition LP - Spanish import
Limited to 400 copies.

MONO MEN "Wrecker!" LP DSL5 (French LP Edition) $28.98  • 
Limited edition remastered vinyl repress, packed in a new "blue" version of the cover art
and pressed on BLUE Vinyl - French import - Limited Edition of 400

MONO MEN "Stop Draggin' Me Down" LP ES121 *
Debut slab from the kings of drunk/punk. Loud guitars and tracheotomy vocals.
Full color artwork by Chantry & McDougall.

MONO MEN "Stop Draggin' Me Down" CASSETTE ES121CS $9.98  •
Debut slab from the kings of drunk/punk on pre-recorded cassette.
Features the orignal 1st edition artwork.

MONO MEN "Wrecker!" CD ESD123 (USA Edition) $14.98  • 
14 drunken, guitar charged, nitro-burnin’ mantras about chicks, cars and booze! Total full-throttle devastation
from start to finish...this ain’t no wimpin’, Baby! CD reissue features BOTH the regular and limited edition
alternate versions of the Art Chantry penned cover.

MONO MEN "Wrecker!" CD SCD47 (South American CD Edition) $16.98  • 
20th anniversary deluxe trifold digipak cd edition. Packed in a new "blue" version
of the rare alternate cover by Art Chantry.

MONO MEN "Shut Up!" CD EP ES101D $14.98  • 
A ragin' collection of eight loud n' raw all instro blow-outs...a potent cocktail of pounding drums
and gear-meshing guitars with no vocals to get between you and the aural excitement!

MONO MEN "Sin & Tonic" CD ES1218D $14.98  • 
Their fourth full-length LP of heavy handed, "no-brow" rock. Twelve booze fueled scorchers delivered
loud and lewd all in one swank package. None of that "groundbreakin'", "cutting edge" crap here, just
another three chord dose of the MONO MEN's patented no-B.S. guitar charged attack recorded full-on
by Richard Head at Seattle's famed Egg Studios.

MONO MEN "Live at Tom's Strip & Bowl" CD EP ES108D
$14.98  • 
10-song turbojet recorded live, loud and brazen at the one and only Savidge Lanes Bowling Alley & Lounge
in beautiful downtown Bloomington, IL! This drunken slab o' trash serves as the audio evidence of the beer
drenched bachelor party that kicked off the sinsational southern "Sin & Tonic" tour complete with open lanes,
cold beer and striptease! Estrus Records has captured this lascivious lowbrow luau of lecherous lunkheads
in all of it's uncensored, uninhibited, Bowl-O-Phonic© glory for your home listening enjoyment! So crack open
a six pack, grab yer favorite ball, and crank that stereo up pal, Îcause its' time for a little "Strip n' Bowl",
courtesy of the MONO MEN!

MONO MEN "Have A Nice Day, Motherfucker" ES1234 LP $44.98  •
Last copies vinyl lp.
MONO MEN "Have A Nice Day, Motherfucker" ES1234D CD $14.98  • 
Time to tuck and cover, sucker, 'cause those drunken kingpins of sleaze, the MONO MEN have stacked
up a ragin' batch of lean'n'mean, rough hewn ravers on their untamed yet subtly named "Have a Nice Day,
Motherfucker". These cats have trimmed down to a 3-piece rock 'n' roll wreckin' crew since their last time
out, and things
have just gotten that much louder and more aggressive because of it. Faster, louder, and
better than ever! And who better to snatch 'n' grab the sizzle onto tape than that righteous soul brother
his'self, Tim Kerr? And to ensure maximum
combustion, the right, honorable Jack Endino was corralled to
twist the knobs for the final mix. The result? The meanest-sounding slab of MONOlithic shit get
offa yer ass, hit that needle to the wax, and "Have a Nice Day, Motherfucker."

MONO MEN "Bent Pages" CD ES93012D (Dutch Import) $19.98  • 
14 track collection of single and compilation tracks recorded between 1988-1992
featuring cover art by Coop. Long out of print.
Limited Stock.

MONO MEN "Gypsy Woman" CD IMP39D (Spanish Import) $16.98  • 
17 track live attack recorded in Madrid at club El Sol in 1995. Long out of print.

MONO MEN "Wrecker!" 7" SINGLE BH736 (Japanese Import) $12.98  •
Two track 7" single from 1+2 Records Japan. B-Side is exclusive to this single. Pressed on COLOR WAX.
Cover art by Rockin' Jelly Bean.
Limited Stock.

MONO MEN "Cross Alley Stomp" 7" EP ES788 $12.98  •
Calling all Keglers! it's time to grab yer balls and head for the alley 'cause those notorious kingpins of krap, the Mono Men,
are back with a pin shatterin' seven-inch schleifer that's guaranteed to add 10-pins to your score...the cask conditioned
"Cross Alley Stomp" ep! Four full hit fandangos recorded live and raw at Tom Sparrow's now infamous "Strip n' Bowl" bachelor
party in beautiful downtown Normal, IL. The bulk of this show was documented on last year's lane burnin' "T.S.B" EP...but rest
assured that there's no double balling here my friends, no siree, Îcause the "Cross Alley Stomp" 7" ep presents the previously
unreleased balance of that brazen bash in all it's drunken "Bowl-o-Phonic" glory..and as an added bonus those dipsticks at Estrus
Leagues Ltd. have wrapped the whole thing up in a full-color, die-cut, foil stamped, bowling ball shaped sleeve designed by
Mr. Art Chantry Esq... Yow!
Last copies.

MONO MEN "Have A Nice Day, Motherfucker" POSTER MPST1 $14.98  •
14x22 poster designed by Art Chantry. Ships folded.

WATTS: bad ass power rock swagger


WATTS "Watts" LP/CD ES1258 LP $18.98 • CD $14.98  • • 
Rising from the ashes of legendary NW power chordpushers the Mono Men, the post monolithic power house WATTS has
hit ground with amps wide open and are set to not onlyblow your speakers, but your funky little minds as well with their
straight-up n' electrifin' brand of raw rock 'n' roll power!!

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